True story

Author: Anon

This true story began when me(boy) and my cousin (girl) were 15.

We were on Holiday for 2 weeks in bosnia where our parents grew up. My cousin’s parents had a house in bosnia so we decided to stay there for 2 weeks with them.
The house they live in where literally in the middle of nowhere. There are some few houses down the block. We sometimes turned on some music on her fathers music box , but still no one was bothered, since her neighbours wasn’t that close.

One night my cousins parents decided to Drive to croatia for 2-3 nights since they wanted to have some alone time at the beach.

We were excited. that was the first time we were home alone without any adults.

First day: We decided to clean the house because her parents told us to do so.

My cousin turned on the Vaccum cleaner.
And I was upstairs cleaning her room.
We turned on music as loud as possible.

As I was cleaning her room, I heard her call my name. So I went down to check what she needed.

She told me that the vaccum cleaner stopped working. I told her if she tried plugging it on a another plug socket. She said yes.

I told her to put the vaccum cleaner back where it was, since we thought it was broke.

At that moment we heard someone walk in the attic. Really loud..
since we were on the first floor we could really tell if it came from the attic or from the outside.
We went outside. No one was there.
We thought that it was some animals walking or making noices..

Next morning we woke up. We went to the kitchen to make breakfast and saw that the kitched was a total mess.. but how since we cleaned it.
I thought to my self, she probably woke up in the middle of the night to eat something.
And she thought the same thing.
So we didn’t really talk or think about it that much.

The day went by, we decided to sit in her room, turn on music, and chill.
1 hour later we heard music coming from the outside.
We turned off our music box to listen where the music came from.
We opened her balcony door, the music stopped.

We closed it.

15 minuter later, and again. Music.
We opened, it stopped.

We thought it was odd since it was 2 am and her neigbours were old people. At this time everybody should be in bed we thought.

20 minutes later.

We heard someone throw small rocks on her balcony.
We paniced.
We opened the balcony door (2 floor)
To see if someone was outside.
But no one was there.
It happened 3-4 times.
We couldn’t care less st this point we thought.

10 minutes later. Someone rang on the doorbell..
We freaked out!
We turned off the music at this point.
Turned off the lights.
And we decided to go to sleep.
We slept in the same room since we almost shit our pants!
We closed her door room AND LOCKED IT.
And we went to sleep.

In the morning my cousin woke me up, to tell me that the door from of her room was open.
I stood up, to go downstairs to check if everything was fine. I saw the house door wide open.

We immediately called her parents.
They were on their way anyways.
After they arrived we told them what happened. They called the neigbours to ask them if they heard any noice yesterday. They said no.
After that night we never were home alone again..

Years later we found out that a old women in the neighbourhood diedthat night.
She was a witch casting spells on people.

Author: Anon