Dream come true

Author: Nancy Henderson

Hey everyone, I’m Nancy. . I just graduated from high school. This incident happened to me a few months ago. I have to say, it left me completely stunned.

One day, I was walking home from my bestie, Emma’s house. I reached my home by 11:00. As soon as I got into bed, I dozed off immediately as I was exhausted . Suddenly, I saw my best friend waking me up . She was shaking me and repeatedly said the words “ She is coming , she is coming, and no one can stop her now. Will you help me please? She’s gonna find me, she gonna kill me to death. Please help. This might be the last time I see you”. “ What the hell are you talking about? Who is gonna come ? Who’s “she”? I asked .

“ Sabrina”,Emma said. “ Who’s she ?” I asked . “ My doll “ , she said.
“ You still play with dolls!?” I asked astonished .
“ No, the one my aunt got when I was 5” she said..

“ You still have he—“
I was about to complete my sentence, when she suddenly said “ I don’t have time for this . Please help me” she said almost sobbing .

“ Is this some kind of prank”? I said when I suddenly heard a young girl scream.

“ Who’s that!?” I said completely stunned
“ I don’t know “ , said Emma.
She ran outside, before I could stop her .

Then I heard someone ‘s footsteps . The person was going in the same direction as my friend …I began to get really scared and ran after her. I saw a very tall shadow, it didn’t have eyes, nose or other mouthparts . Blood was dripping from its mouth. It was very scary. My eyes were almost out of my sockets , and I tried to touch it , as my curiosity won’t leave me alone. It turned towards me in anger, with its crooked hands and legs getting more crooked, as it ran towards me. The shadow like creature only said one word and that was “ Sabrina, Sabrina will get you “ . It had a very weird voice , almost like a moan, someone in pain.
I saw Emma . She was walking towards me with a weird grin and her arms were also getting crooked, and blood started drilling form her eyes. I ran as fast as I could , but the shadow like creature caught me and it was standing with a knife, and I screamed in horror .

My bestie woke me up . “ Nancy, are you alright ?” she asked me .
“ Yeah , I just saw a weird nightmare “ I said . “ It was so vivid “
“ Anyways, do you know I had a doll”?
I stared at my bestie in disbelief .
“ Wh- What’s her name”? I asked , frightened .
“ Sabrina”
I was so scared that I almost cried. Anyways, I was feeling light headed and decided to go to the kitchen to get some water. I suddenly saw the same shadow like creature , with blood dripping from its mouth , with crooked legs and arms grinning towards me. I ran out of my bestie’s house as fast as I could. The only mistake I did, was not telling my best friend about the strange that I saw in the kitchen . I heard a loud scream, it sounded like my bestie. Before I could even do something, I saw something approaching me , but I couldn’t see what it was. Last thing I remember , is that I was passed out and in a really bad condition . I still get shivers when I think about my dream, and how it actually came true , I haven’t seen Emma for the last two Now also , I feel I should have told her about the weird creature. I really miss my friend . This has become one of my deepest, darkest secrets . I still miss my best friend . I just hope she’s alive .

Author: Nancy Henderson