Videos From Hell

Author: Freewill

Okay before I would begin with this story, I just would like to warn you that this story is extremely graphic. This is not for the faint-hearted. Everytime my memory goes back to those horrendous images I felt like my sanity shuts down. All the sheer atrocity and ferocity of men. How evil can our dark side take us to the brink of true evil? All I can see in that video is evil. Watching those abominations slaughter innocent lives; like a pack of wolves disemboweling the viscera of mutilated sheep. It makes my skin crawl, and empty my stomach. Evil is indeed among us, and they’re not monsters like the ones you see on horror movies. They’re completely like us.

Let’s begin.

This happened before the Corona virus pandemic, so at this time during my summer vacation, I usually hang out with my friends in the amusement arcade. We live in this tropical archipelagic country.

For some background stories from my friends. All my friends are very lazy to go to school, in fact most of them dropped out of highschool, and some college, and ended up getting married having children in such a very young age. Most of my friends that I hang out with are thugs, some of them are former gangsters. Don’t get me wrong they didn’t kill, or hurt anyone. They’re calm, and gentle, but, don’t mess with them, because they’ll absolutely mess you up. My friends frequently drink alcohol every night with their other friends at random bars or pubs, the amusement arcade is our daily rendezvous, we frequently loiter there. If we have money we sing in the videoke, play video games, play this basketball arcade game, etc. My friends maybe thugs, but they’re like angels to me; they’re amazing. They’re very compassionate, and friendly, despite of their roughness.


One day when I was at home doing some chores, when I’m finally done, I took a bath, and after that I got dressed, I grabbed my phone, and texted my friend Ivan. I texted him that we would hang out in the amusement arcade again in the mall. “Ok I’ll be there. I need to take a bath first. “, he replied. After that I waited for a pedcab, and headed to our rendezvous.

Once I arrived at the mall, it was extremely hot outside, so hot that it would give you severe skin cancer, or a heat-stroke; the heat was sweltering. As I got inside the mall’s entrance, I suddenly felt my body temperature change abnormally, due to the heat outside, and entering the mall’s air-conditioned room. As I finally arrived at the amusement arcade, I got inside, and check if anyone I know is there loitering. No one I know is there. So to kill time, I bought tokens, and play some video games, while waiting. The bustling noise inside is so loud, that it’s enough to make my head hurt. After I finally got bored of playing, and my head is starting to hurt, because of the bustling noise, and the aracade’s radiation. I exited the amusement arcade, and headed to the food court just in front of the amusement arcade. I went there to sit down, and relax. There’s free Wi-Fi in the food court, so I immediately connected to it. While waiting for my friend, I go to my Facebook, checking some random photos my friends usually post. As I was scrolling through my phone, my phone then vibrated, my phone does this when you’re being notified. So I check. It was my messenger. I checked who messaged me, and it turned out to be my other friend Alex. He didn’t chat anything, he just sent me this video without any caption.

On the video there’s this girl sitting on the chair in the sunny afternoon, situated in this type of shack. Curiosity got the best of me, so I played it.

As I played it I would never forget what I saw.

As the video played, the screen shows a man in his early thirties with a slim body frame, he’s wearing a fatigue uniform, and he’s muttering something to the camera. I’m not sure what he’s talking about, but I think it has something to do with the girl behind him. Behind him was a woman in her early twenties, she’s sitting on a plastic stool situated on this forest with a shack behind her. Her hands are bound behind her back, I couldn’t see her face, she keeps on lowering her face to the ground as she kept quiet. Behind her was another man in his early thirties, or forties, holding an M14 rifle in both of his hands facing the camera. The man was short, and stocky, and he’s wearing the same fatigue uniform.

This is the part where it gets terrifying.

The first man began to talk facing the camera, he was sadistically smiling, as he grabbed a large knife, and then started to approach towards the girl pulling her hair to his side, and began to ruthlessly cut her throat. The girl was now in horrific pain as she screamed. Those agonized screams, I can never forget those. The video was so horrendous that I didn’t finish watching it, I immediately closed it. I was paralyzed with fear, it took me a while to gather myself, probably 3 or 4 minutes. It was absolutely disturbing. I assume that video is connected with the rebellious insurgents in our country, not from our region fortunately. I chatted my friend about why he sent me that alarming video, he then replied to my message saying that I must be careful, because there are rumors that there’s a mysterious van that roams the night to abduct young men like me, and apparently the people in that video are behind it. I’m not sure if he was messing with me, or not, but I can assure you that what I saw is a hundred percent true; it was horrific.

There’s this second time also; this one is more disturbing.

Again we hang out in this food court having nothing to do, but just use the free WiFi to enjoy the fast internet connection. As I was scrolling through my phone, Ivan called me, and as I stared at him he said: “Hey man check this out, this is gruesome. “, he said as he shoved his phone to my face to let me see; it was a random video in facebook.

As I watched the video, the video shows this dense tropical forest area. On the side of the lush forest, a figure emerged from the thick vegetation; it was a man in his late thirties, dragging another man, but this man is young, probably in his early twenties. The man that is dragging him was wearing a dark bandana around his head, and he’s holding what seems to be a type of machete in his right hand. There’s a second man also with the same dark bandana around his head, but he’s holding an M14 rifle. Then another man emerged from the vegetation, the same age as the first young man. I assume that they are the victims of these evil insurgents. Both of the young men’s hands are bound behind their backs; it’s in daylight so you can clearly see all the details. The first man with the bandana, started to push the first youngman to the ground, pinning him with his foot behind his back, as he was pinning him, the lunatic raised his machete, and began to ruthlessly, and repeatedly hack the young man’s neck, decapitating him in the process. As his head was finally severed the madman sadistically chuckled as he raised his victim’s severed head in the air, malevolently smiling at it, as if it were a trophy. While doing this, he tapped the victim’s severed head’s cheeks lightly with his fingers, saying how handsome he is. The video was absolutely disturbing. I’m extremely abhored by watching it. I almost vomited in sheer disgust, and terror. I know this will destroy my mental state; so many sick people in this world. Those poor victims. Be careful everyone on watching unknown videos.

Author: Freewill