The mystery of the previous birth

Author: Madhusree Debnath (Writer), Rahla Nicoletta Roy (Co-Writer)

The mystery of the previous birth
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Writer:- Madhusree Debnath, Co-writer and Editor :- Rahla Nicoletta Roy

Word Count of the story:- 3139 words(Exact Story word-count), 3179 words(Including all the details)

Rachel and Alexis were very close friends. During one of their vacations, they planned to travel to New-Castle in England. They booked a room of a hotel beforehand. It was 22nd of November and the departure time of the flight was at 5:00 am from the Munich airport, in Germany. Both of them arrived early at the airport. After reaching New-Castle, Rachel booked a cab and they drove to their hotel, in New-Castle. The next few days were the best days of their lives. Rachel surprised Alexis on her birthday with her favorite chocolate truffle cake and both of them had the time of their lives at the Greendew Amusement-park and a dinner party at the most expensive hotel in the city. The two friends loved travelling and often went on hiking trips and vacations and occasionally had their own ‘girl’s night out’. They explored all the exclusive tourist spots and also the places which were outside of the city of New-Castle. It was a fine morning. It was 5th of December. After getting up late in the morning, the two friends headed out towards the pool for a swim. Rachel said, “Hey! The water is not ice cold, which is great because I had a hard time trying to convince you.” she laughed. Alexis smiled. She loved her bold and hard to please best friend. Alexis was her opposite. She was calm, composed, meek and timid. And stubborn. Very stubborn. The one way they both were similar. Maybe that was the reason why they made a good pair. Alexis replied with some thought, “Yeah, you’re right. I am enjoying here, just because of you. And by the way, I believe that you are a good swimmer. So, what are you waiting for!” The two friends dived into the water together and spent an hour splashing around until they decided it was time for breakfast. They both got out of the water and took a good bath and changed into their matching baby blue jumpers and pink sneakers which made them look like real life un-plastic, less cheesy looking barbie dolls, but with jet black hair and dark brown eyes. They went out for breakfast and had the best cheese sandwiches they had in a while.
After getting themselves breakfast, the two friends started their journey to explore the city of Luton. Alexis had booked a cab for the following fourteen days. Around 11 a.m., they set out for Luton. After reaching Luton, Rachel said to Alexis, “We should have booked a hotel beforehand. What if it gets late, how shall we return to our hotel!? Plus, this place is mostly vacant. I don’t see any people nearby.” Alexis underestimated Rachel’s words and comforted her. The name of the cab-driver was Jason Smith. Jason, was a young man in his twenties and he was cracking dad jokes to lighten the mood. Rachel wouldn’t stop worrying even though Alexis constantly said that it would be fine. Finally, they took a halt at a place where there were hardly any people, but an archaic house. That house captured Alexis’s attention. And it seemed that the old house had been there for many years and it had a strange aura that gave Alexis a feeling that she herself had been there before, even though it was her first visit to that house that left her bewildered. Rachel got restless and she said to her friend, “Hey! Why are you staring at this house in such a way, what is so special about this damn house?!” There was no response from the side of Alexis. Rachel got angrier and that anger of hers made her throw some cold water on the face of Alexis. Alexis nodded her head and it seemed that she just woke up from a long sleep. She said, “Oh! I am sorry. I am really curious about this house, right here. Would you mind if we explore this house?” Rachel did not agree with Alexis. She clutched Alexis’s arm, pulled her towards their cab and compelled her to take her seat. Rachel said to Jason, “We shall not stay here any-longer. Jason, I want you to drive to our hotel.” Jason drove on and silence reigned inside the cab. Rachel understood Alexis’s unusual behavior of being extremely calm and silent, ever since Alexis saw that house, in Luton. Three of them reached their hotel and Jason returned to his own house. Days passed on. But Rachel stalked Alexis and observed her for a week. It was the night of 15th December. The night was extremely cold and there was snowfall. Rachel and Alexis went to the bed. At 3am in the morning, Alexis suddenly got up, but Rachel was in a deep sleep. Alexis went out of the house and she headed towards that archaic house, in Luton. She got into the car and drove on. The moon shone brightly in the night sky. After a few minutes, she alighted off near that house and parked her car beside a tree. She heard a vague murmur from that house and gradually moved towards that house with a torch in her right hand. The moment she pushed the door, the door of the house got opened by itself. Alexis switched on her torch and started to wander around the house. One wall of the house, was filled with scribblings and writings. It said that Alexis spent the life of her previous birth in that house. Her fiancé’s name was Mr. Davidson. She went through the writings on that wall and it made her more curious about the whole case. Immediately, a calm pleasant wind started to blow in that room, which entered through the windows. She heard a soft voice, humming, from the walls behind that room. “Hey! Is it too late now to say Sorry? I know that I let you down, but is it too late to say sorry now? I am sorry, yeah! I will take every piece of the blame, if you want me to…”, these words seemed to be hummed or kind of sung in a melodious tune. She felt a bit insecure and yelled out, “Who’s there? I want you to confront me. And what has been scribbled on this wall, with human blood? It says that I spent the life of my previous birth here, in this house. I don’t know what to do at the moment. Say something, I am giving upon you.”
“It’s me, Mr. Davidson, who was your fiancé in your previous birth. Both of us got into a long-lasting and a perfect relationship, but I admit that I was the one who tore you down and made you heart-broken, in your previous birth. After my death, due to an accident, I could not rest peacefully in the paradise. I apologize for deceiving with you. If you don’t accept my apology, I will not be able to live in peace. The angels will let me enter the paradise, after you accept my apology. Sorry! I am sorry!”, these words seemed to be uttered out from the space that was behind the walls.
Alexis remained speechless for a while and then she yelled out, “What the hell are you talking about? I don’t believe in life after death and I want you to let me know why I got attracted towards this damn archaic house?”
“It’s just because, both of us spent a lot of time together here. And tonight, I called you in here, just for accepting my apology request. You trusted me lot, as I was your fiancé. I deceived with you and I have realized the way I mistook. Please forgive me.”, said Mr. Davidson.
Alexis’s notice went to a diary which was lying on the table. She opened that diary and was very shocked to notice the same handwriting that she was habituated to work with, in her present life. She also got to view some of her pictures, where she was playing with a tall handsome guy and her face was completely the same just that of her face in her present life. Alexis uttered out, “Mr. Davidson! Why am I feeling like I know you and we are very close to each other? The surroundings seem to be so familiar to me, how? Oh God! What’s going on with me?” Then, she broke down into tears. She wiped off the tears from her eyes and screamed out, “Hey, listen to me, I don’t know who the hell is pranking on me. It’s just a simple prank. But, if you dare to take it way too far, I will have to call up the emergency services. Either confront me and admit the truth or else, the future consequences can be worse than you have expected it to be.” No response was there, after Alexis uttered out these words. She assumed that some-one was pranking on her.
She moved towards the exit and the moment she opened it, she felt a gentle and cold touch of someone’s palm, on her left shoulder. She turned towards him and stared at his face with her watery eyes. He was a guy of probably twenty or twenty-one years old, who was very tall and handsome. He said to Alexis, “Hey, it’s me, Mr. Davidson. I am more or less sure that you are familiar with my voice and my touch on your shoulder.”
Alexis was speechless. She stared at him with a cold expression. She said, “I don’t know who you are. But why does your touch seem to be so familiar… and your voice… I think I have heard it before. Who are you? Have I met you before?” The tall, cool devil of a man stood there before a confused Alexis and was smiling down upon her, as if they had known each other forever.
“I think you have got the answer of this question. I told you beforehand itself, that we had been together with each other for a few years until and unless I deceived with you and an accident destroyed my life.”, he said. She further asked him whether he was joking with her, as she never believed in spirits. He told her that whatever was happening at that time, was the reality and it was not the correct moment of time for him to joke with her. They had a controversial conversation with each other. But Alexis could not recollect her past memories and it’s of course not possible for a normal human being to re-collect all the memories of his or her previous birth.
He said to Alexis, “See dear, if you don’t have mercy on me and if you don’t forgive me for the mistakes and the blunders that I have committed, I will not be able to take a new birth as a human. So, I am begging to you for forgiveness and mercy. Please have mercy on me and please forgive me, even though you can’t recollect the past memories.”
She told him that she could not even remember anything and asked him how she would believe in his words.
For a while, both of them stayed silent. A cold pleasant wind blew around the room. This wind, made Alexis feel very sleepy and relaxed. Still, she broke down into tears and clutched his hands and told him that she had become tired of everything.
He moved his fingers gently through her hair. Both of them took deep breaths of relaxation and finally, Alexis gently struck her head on his chest and closed her eyes. He also surrounded his gentle hands around her back and they hugged each other. She forgot about the rest of the world at that moment and only focused on his words.
He comforted Alexis with his gentle cold hands and maybe that was the last time, he kissed her on her forehead. Alexis became very emotional and kind of in a state, where one feels very anxious, but also very relaxed and sleepy at the same time.
He said to Alexis, “You have to leave me, my dear. I don’t want to leave you but I am not left with any other choice. I want you to stay happy forever and live a peaceful life. Don’t worry… I don’t have much time left, but I want you to know that I love you, and we have known each other for long and I know that you were able to sense it. I have to go away to the palace of stars and you can always look up at the night sky on a cloudless night and you can find me among the twinkling stars of the endless realm. I will be the most shining star, smiling down upon you.”

“I really can’t think of anything at the present moment. I know that you have made me remember some of the past moments, that we spent being together. You know, the whole case is very unclear to me.”, she said.
She did not want to leave him at all and wanted to rest with him. Finding no other option, the poor Alexis had to leave him.
On the other side, Rachel woke up from her sleep and grew very anxious, as she could not find her friend beside her. She got up from the bed and somehow a thought struck her mind, which led her to think that Alexis went to that archaic house, in Luton. She called up the emergency services, explained her problem to them and asked them to help her out as soon as they could.
The emergency team arrived and Rachel said to the officer, “Sir, I need you to help me out. I can’t find her anywhere in this hotel. You know what, we have come to this city as we are on a vacation. Few days ago, we went to Luton and took a halt near one archaic house in that city. She had been under my keen observation as I found some changes in her behavior, ever since she saw that house in Luton. She has got obsessed with that damn house. I am sure, that Alexis will be found there. She is there. Please take me there.”
The emergency team comforted her and they all set out for that house in Luton.

On the other side, he walked away from Alexis towards the snow-covered lands. After heading towards a certain distance, he seemed to disappear gradually in the fog. Alexis could not see him any longer.
She wished to follow him, but it did not turn out to be the same, at last. Her eyes got filled with tears and she sat on the floor.
In the meantime, Rachel and the emergency team reached very near to that house. One of the members of the emergency team said to Rachel, “I know one thing that’s related to this case. Whoever comes and kind of stares at this archaic house for a long time, that person encounters all these paranormal things like wanting to explore that house etc.…” Rachel agreed on his point and stated that the similar kind of abnormal thing struck Alexis.
Finally, they reached their destination.
Rachel got out of the car and yelled out, “Alexis, are you here?”. Her words echoed and no-one responded.
Since no-one responded, they all entered the house and looked for her. They could not find anyone.
Rachel entered a room. The room was very dirty. She could not find anything written on the walls as the writings were only fated to be seen by Alexis.
Rachel found Alexis peacefully lying on the bed, sleeping.
Rachel did not want to awaken her as she thought that it would not be good for her.
One of the members of the emergency team and Rachel decided to wait until Alexis would wake up, while all the other members left.
The following five hours passed on but Alexis did not wake up.
The anxious Rachel entered the room but found that her friend was sleeping peacefully. Nevertheless, a thought struck the emergency-team member’s mind which led him to ask Rachel to awaken Alexis.
Rachel shook her and said to her gently, “My dear, wake up. Wake up fast.”
And when she was turned towards Rachel’s side, that notice of Rachel towards her totally shocked her as Alexis was no more. She was dead.
Rachel broke down into tears and told the emergency-team member to investigate about the whole case.
Rachel cried a lot and, in the morning, she was taken to her own house.
She was left shocked due to that incident.
Later on, a figure appeared to her from the outside of her room-window and literally found Alexis smiling at her. Alexis gradually seemed to enter the room, by walking through the front door.
Rachel said to her, “Alexis, you are here with me, so why were you lying dead in that house, in Luton? You are still alive. Why were you kidding me?”
“Well, I am not alive anymore. Let me make it clear to you. You are not going to get me anymore in your life. I am sorry for that. I am living peacefully. I want you all to stay very happy, forever. Good-Bye.”, said Alexis to Rachel.
Rachel tried to stop her from going away, but she failed to do the same. She was about to blink her eyes and Alexis was gone.
Rachel cried a lot for her friend. The following day turned in. A priest was called in for performing all the rituals so that Alexis could rest peacefully wherever she was.
After all those rituals and everything, Rachel went to the roof of the hotel. The moon appeared brightly in the night sky.
She stared at the night sky, where there were so many stars.
She said, “Now, Alexis is so far away from the human world. She is not here with me anymore. I won’t be able to call anyone by Alexis. She might be very far away from me, but I find her somewhere in my heart. She is living peacefully among all those stars in the sky. I won’t be able to talk to her any longer. Now, she is probably noticing me from every corner of the sky. So far… You are so far away. I hope you are resting peacefully wherever you are.”
Tears rolled down Rachel’s face, while she uttered out these words. She returned to her own room and stared at the night-sky through her window. A gentle wind blew around the room. While Rachel found herself by the window and her eyes kept staring at the night sky, a cool pleasant wind reigned in the room and gradually, she felt asleep as the wind gently passed through her tears-filled eyes.


Author: Madhusree Debnath (Writer), Rahla Nicoletta Roy (Co-Writer)