The Number

Author: Janice Jessica

I was 13 years old at that time. I moved from Texas to New York I had a neighbor who was the same age as me.
His name was Travis. One day our parents went out. We were bored so we started to play video games. After 30 minutes we were bored again so we started to play truth or dare. Travis dared me to do 2 prank calls. To start I called Pizza Hut.

*They pick up the call * They said: Hello Pizza Hut here, what would you like to order? I said: Hello I would like some cheese pizza and add orange, apple, and all the fruits. Hearing that the person on the call cut the phone. Travis and I laughed so hard. Next, I called on a random number someone picked up the call I waited that the other person to say something first

But, no response. I waited for a minute, as I was about to cut the call, a male voice join in. They said:*YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG PERSON TO PRANK I GAVE YOU A MINUTE TO CUT THE PHONE BUT YOU DIN’T NOW I’LL MAKE SURE THAT YOU PAY YOU’LL BE DEAD YOU’RE PARENTS YOU’RE FRIENDS ALL WILL BE DEAD!*. At this point, most of you guys will be like this dude is pranking you
back. That’s what I thought too. Welp! Oh, boy was I wrong! Travis and I went to his room. On the wall of the room, there was blood and it was written YOU ALL WILL DIE! Travis and I went to our other neighbor’s house we knocked on their door, then we realized that it was slightly open. When we walked in there was a bad smell coming, then we went in their room, the room was

completely covered with blood. It was again written with blood in their room saying that “There’s no escape” we freaked out then we went to our other neighbor’s house, a retired policeman the same thing had happened there. Then Travis and I went back to Travis’s house and in his room, it was written “I spared you guys for now” Travis and my parents then never returned

home…… We made their grave assuming that they were dead, Now I am 23 years old and I have moved to Washington DC and Travis is still in New York. Never try calling random numbers.

The End………….

Author: Janice Jessica