Woman In The Mirror

Ever felt like someone’s watching you, monitoring every move?
Well Zoe has.

Walking towards my house on day after school, I felt like someone was watching me. I I just had that feeling. The eerie chill surrounding me made me nervous, and as I opened the door of my house, my empty home, I shuddered. Could someone really be watching me? I asked myself.

As I wandered into the kitchen, and over to the fridge, I heard a banging noise coming from upstairs. Grabbing a kitchen knife as a lethal weapon, I stagger up the stairs and into the room where the ear deafening noise is coming from. A scratching noise was coming from beneath my bedroom door; just exactly what was making that noise?

Bursting through that cold, wooden door and into what seemed to be my haunted room, my shoulders fell back down with relief. There was nothing there.

“Ugh,” I said to myself loudly, obviously sounding a bit mad seeing as I was talking to myself, “What’s wrong with me?”

Turning on my heels and plodding down the stairs at a snail’s pace, I went into the living room and switched on the TV set. I needed something to calm my nerves, after all. I switched over to a music channel, and in no time I was standing up, and singing and dancing around the room.

“You’ve got me bewitched, ‘cos I’m under your spell. You must be a witch as I am living in hell!” I sang, not caring if the neighbours heard me.

Now is the time, now is the hour…” I heard a mysterious voice screech. I froze. It sounded like it was coming from behind me. I spun around, only to find a completely empty space behind me. It must have been my mind playing tricks on me. Again. But I was still a bit shocked, and a bit scared too, therefore I didn’t really want to sing anymore. I just wasn’t in the mood.

Flicking through the channels to find something decent to watch and keep my mind of these daunting things that were happening, it was hard finding something I would actually like to watch.

4Music. Nope.

 ITV1. Nope.

 BBC1. Nope.

Then I flicked onto the next channel. A grotesque, deformed face practically slid across the screen, causing me to scream. This vile looking creature looked like a woman, with caramelised skin and greasy black strands for hair. I dropped the remote in horror. “Don’t look in the mirror,” I heard a voice whisper coming from the screen.

Running like my life depended on it, I ran all the way back to my bedroom, and slammed the door. My breathing was heavy, and uneven. I didn’t dare move from sitting on my bed for hours. But then I heard faint whispering; however I knew nobody was home. Was I imagining it? Then, I did the most stupid thing of my life. For some unknown reason, I was drawn to the huge mirror situated in my room on the wall. I dragged my feet over to it, closing my eyes along the way. It was like something possessed me; making me go over to this mirror, even though I didn’t even want to look in it.

In my head, I counted to ten. When I got to that last yet lethal number, rapidly I opened my eyes and stared into the mirror.

Nothing happened.

“Phew,” I said to myself; yet again I was talking to myself, “Stupid advert.”

Trying not to think about it anymore, I twisted my body around, not knowing what I was about to face.

As my eyes met area behind me, I suddenly screeched with shock.

There, standing motionlessly in front of me, was the woman from the advert.

“I told you not to look in the mirror, didn’t I?” She cackled.

“Um…” I murmured, practically too shocked to even answer.

“I paid the price of burning to death, now you will die too,” She screeched so loudly, it nearly deafened me.

I tried to reply, but I could feel my throat closing over, choaking me.

“Bye bye, hun.” This woman told me.

Her laugh was ringing through my ears.

That noise, would be the last I would ever hear again.