The Evil Teddy

A couple years ago, there was a boy & his family who lived in a house up north. He was an only child and the boy’s only friend was a shiny, caramel-colored teddy bear. The boy always went everywhere with his bear and was always with it. Six short years later, the boy got cancer and passed away a little after. The parents were so heartbroken, they packed up and left. Only leaving the boy’s things behind to not be reminded of what happened to their little boy.

A couple months later, a new family moved in. They were 5 people. Loving parents, 2 troublesome teens & a 7 year old boy called Anthony. The teenage boys were always fighting and Anthony was an okay kid except for one thing. He hated toys, especially teddy bears.

Anthony ran up and the first room he found, he announced was his. Little did he know, many years ago that was the boy’s room.

Later that night, Anthony went through the things that were in his room. ‘A bunch of useless toys and a stupid teddy bear.’ He thought. Anthony grabbed the teddy bear and a shovel and headed outside. 1 feet, 2 feet & 3 feet later, he threw the teddy bear in and buried it under. He smiled and went upstairs to wash up for bed.

The next morning, Anthony woke up and gasped and lay scared out of his little mind. On the end of his bed, was the teddy bear and a lot of dirt. Anthony grabbed the teddy bear and went to his brothers’ room. "Did you guys do this??! It’s not funny!" Yelled Anthony.

"No Anto we didn’t do it, calm down!" Exclaimed his brothers. Slowly they walked out of their room, leaving Anthony and the bear there. On his brothers’ desk, lay scissors. Anthony smiled evilly and started cutting the bear into tiny little pieces. Then, one by one, he carried them to the lake behind their house and threw them in the water.

‘That’ll settle it.’ Thought Anthony. Later that night, he fell asleep without a worry in mind.

The next morning, Anthony’s parents went to go wake him up only to see a bunch of blood all over his bed and a note. The note read:

‘Go to the lake.’

As Anthony’s parents went to the lake, hand in hand and trembling.. The mother gasped and started gagging & crying because there her son lay cut into little pieces floating in the water. Right on the edge of the water though.. Was the boy’s bear. In perfect condition. Holding bloodied scissors.