Touch of Ice

She was coming.

I knew she was, I could feel her. In the chilly air, the silvery fog rolling off the ground, she was there.

I could feel her close.

I ran, ran far and fast. I couldn’t tell where I was going, didn’t care. It was all trivial. The only thing that mattered was getting away from her.

I turned a corner, and stopped.

She stood there, tall and healthy, completely free of the scars I thought I had caused her in my escape, a quiet smile on her face.

Her eyes were darker then they had been before. They were solid black. It was her only characteristic that betrayed her seemingly human form.

I knew she was far from human.

“Run all you like.” she said. It was quiet, but my ears rang with the sound of it. “I am here.”

I whirled around. She was to my left now, no longer straight in front of me.

“And here.”

She was to the right, I flipped around. She was there, on the other side of the street, peeking out the window of a cafe. Her soft, triumphant smirk staring into my soul. I felt cold.

“And here.”

I froze. Her voice was quiet now, a whisper. I could say I could feel her hot breath on my neck, but her breath was cold, oh so cold. I felt electrified with fear.

She was right behind me, so close to me.

I was frozen to the spot. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t. I was paralyzed, and not fully out of the fear she struck in my heart.

She was holding me there, holding me without any effort at all.

I felt her arm through my shirt, wrapping around me, so that I truly could not move. My hands were hanging down by my sides.

“You cannot run from what’s coming.” she whispered in my ear as she held me to the spot. “I am the first of what will soon be a revolution. You should be honored to be the first to join.”

“I am not honored.” I choked out. I could feel her lips curl into a smile.

“You will be.” she said.

She reached one of her hands down to mine. And, for the first time, our skin touched.

At first it was a finger on the back of my hand, a finger that felt so blisteringly cold that it is impossible to describe.

Then she fiercely grabbed my whole hand, and the hot-cold sensation took over my senses. I opened my mouth to scream, but I couldn’t breath.

Suddenly all I felt was a gentle warmth, spreading slowly from my hand to my shoulder to the rest of my body. I felt my eyes glaze over, and suddenly I felt nothing.

I thought nothing.

i knew nothing except that she was mine, and I was hers.

She consumed my thoughts.

I had no emotions, save a burning sensation I could not name.

She smiled.

“You are the first to join.”

“I am honored.” I said automatically. No other words came to mind.

She smiled. “Come.” she said. “There are others we must turn.”

I nodded as she led me a way. We passed a dark window, and I felt nothing as I saw my reflection.

My eyes were a solid, smooth black.