The Mirror

“But I don’t want to sleep.” I uttered to myself. I would wake up, and it would be the next day again, a school day. “School is so boring.” I thought as I got comtherble and shut off the lights. It didn’t take long until I was brought into the warm swirling comfort of dreaming. Everything was so relaxed.

“GAK!” I heard myself screetch as I came up to a sitting position. “That was strange.” I told myself. I tried to think about my dream, but my mind was blank. 2:00 the alarm clock read. Shrugging, I layed back in my bed, but my mind was still racing. I felt strangly unsettled.

I looked at the mirror not far from my bed. I saw myself, not much. Making my eyes look at it made them itchy. Itchy to sleep. I was able to calm down, and I slowly closed them and drifted off again.

“GAK!” I heard myself yell and I fell off my bed. “Ouch!” I said and rubbed my sore back. Standing up, I looked at the alarm clock. 3:00. Scratching my head, i climbed back in bed, my mind was wandering. I looked at the mirror, but I saw a hideous creature. It had a long nose , squinty eyes and a red face. It was half smiling.

“AHHH!” I screamed and the creature climbed closer to me, wrapping its long, bony hand around my neck. The creatures grip tightened. My scream turned to “GAK!”