The Night I Regret : Close The Door

Author: HuntingTales

Being graduated is a quite difficult time of life. You have to get away of your friends..

And me and my girlfriend Abby spend our summer night together out of the country.

I booked everything we’ll be needing for a flight to Los Angeles. We got in the aircraft for less than a minute.

The flight goes well and we landed safely.

Afterwards, we looked for a van to deliver us from the hotel we had booked.

Not long after we got in our destination that we got inside and bought a master’s bedroom.

We fixed everything inside the room, unpacked our bags and rested for a little while.

I got up from the sofa from where i had enough energy and asked Abby what she wants in the cafe outside.

Abby : Noodles would be fine.

She replied happily. I got out of the door and she yelled at me,

Abby : Hey! Close the door!

I gasped a little, i shrugged and just closed it.

I got down the elevator and headed straight to the cafe.

I bought what she wanted and payed for it.

I got the packs of food in my hands and got up the lift all the way to our room.

I got in and saw her there sleeping. Maybe she got tired so i just refrigerate the noodles for her breakfast tomorrow.

It was midnight but i decided to buy more food that we will be needing for our whole trip here in LA.

And so i did and repeated the same process i did earlier. I closed the door and buy.

When i got back up to our room, i noticed something strange with the door and inside it.

I remembered that i closed the door and the lights were on.

I then quickly tried to open it amd checked my pocket to get the keys.

But no, it was gone. I might have dropped it. I thought to myself.

I called a hotel staff to open the door but it was no use so we got into their office to get a spare one.

Luckily, there is a cctv camera there placed in the hallway so i was looking at the tv in the office so i can see who got in our room.

I asked one of the client inside the office to rewind the past scene of the cctv.

I watched carefully and saw myself there. I was right. I dropped the keys.

I then watched closely until the power went off.

I tried to open the computer but it was no use.

Trying to open it again will take much of my time so i rushed to our room and get a bat.

In panic that what might happened to my girlfriend, i spanked and hammered the doorknob until it got dismembered from the door.

I opened the door and the light and shocked when i see.. my.. girlfriend.. bloody dead.

All the sheets of the blanket was filled with crimson and right beside it was a note.


Author: HuntingTales