The Good Evil

Author: Vigrazz

The existence of evil what i like to call is another race before humans existed.
Well it all began with whispers in my ears telling me not to do this and that or there are consequences like death.It was kinda like a warning.
A few days later i decided enough i had to do something about this.
So i sat alone outside my house and say who are you and what do you want .As i can connect with unseen beings ,this was my “gift”.

After much coaxing in a nice manner
The supernatural replied that it was send by someone to “dusturb” me.
I had many encounters with the dark arts before.

So i asked do u have a name .when did u die and so on.It gave his name and he told me that he was imprisoned by this shaman.He was instructed to do this.this particular evil was more dn a 1000 years old.

He shared with me about knowledge about past future and present which i promised never to reveal.

The biggest shock was that that so called thing believe in god.
And guess what he was sad.
Humans have been keeping and torturing their kind or what we call evil for thousands of years.
This story is 100% authentic and real .
Like i mention i have the third eye or a gift i can see things that normal humans cant.
What happen after that.well i cant say much a promise is a promise.
The only thing i can say are that we humans destroy evrything with what god has given

Author: Vigrazz