The Floating lady

Author: Kim Lean

I was 10 years old when my parents and I moved in a rural City of Cabadbaran, it’s not really known, it’s in the Southern part of the Philippines. We just bought a two-storey house it wasn’t too shabby, it feels like home already. After everything was unpacked, I went to my new bedroom which has a big window with no curtains,the view was nothing much to see, I can see the top of the roof and a mango tree since I’m in the 2nd floor. I changed my clothes and went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, I didn’t know what time it was. I turned around facing the window, there I saw it,a floating woman near the mango tree, her hair was black, her dress was white, and I could never forget those red horrific eyes. I screamed and shouted “Mom! mom!”

My mother rushed inside and turned on the lights. “What’s wrong?” my mom asked.

“Mom! There’s a lady outside!” I pointed at the window, it was gone!

“Stop playing games with me kimmy!” she said,she didn’t believe me. But I was very sure at what I saw…. The next morning, I was eating breakfast, thinking what I saw last night.

“Honey,are you feeling alright?” My dad asked, he probably noticed the troubled look in my face.

“Dad, why won’t mom believe me?” I said.

“It was probably just a dream sweety” He said. Ughh no one believes me. I can’t possibly make things up, I mean I was just 10 years old!

As I was walking alone to school with my heavy backpack, I felt that someone was watching me, I turned arouned but no one was there or at least I thought I was.

A few days later I would always feel like that, like I’m being watched or followed, and every night that floating woman would always be watching in my sleep. Until she followed me everywhere,at school,at home or when i walk to school. She was always there and I got used to it, she never speaked to me or anyone. No one could see her except for me. My classmates and even the teachers talked behind my back, like: “she’s weird”, “what is she looking at?”, “what’s wrong with her?”

I never had friends or anyone to talk to, my parents always works and don’t have time for me. I felt very lonely, I was labeled as ‘the weird kid’ at school, I felt sad and my parents didn’t notice how upset I was! One day when I went to school and a group of girls crowded around me when one of the girls said “you don’t belong here!”, and “Freak!” as they started to pull my hair and keep shouting mean things about me. I cried and went home, I headed to my room and cried the whole day.

The next day everything changed, the kids who bullied me were not at school today, I heard that Tori was in the hospital,Tina disappeared, Jane was in a coma and I didn’t know what happened to the other girls but I felt relieved. When i got home I found out that my parents didn’t go to work today because they were both sick. So we spent some time together and It was the happiest day of my life, it was the first in along time that I got to spend time with them. It went on like that for a few days, the strange woman still followed me around, my parents were still sick and the girls were still absent. I was happy again. After a week my parents’ sickness got worsed and I heard that one of the girls died. I was so shocked, they bullied me but I knew it was wrong, very wrong. My parents’ condition gotten worsed, they stayed at their bed the whole day, its not really like them to stay at bed the whole day, they were turning paler and their voice were hoarse like they were dying…

I knew something was off, whatever it is it has to stop. I got a weird feeling that this has something to do with the woman. As I was sleeping, I woke up at the middle of the night, I saw the woman not on the tree but on my room! My instincts told me to stay away but I bravely confronted her “hey you! I don’t know you but I know that you were the one who killed my classmate!”

The woman nodded as she smiled, her smile was the creepiest. “Stop it! Bring her back, bring my parents back!” I let out my fury and rage. The woman’s face softened as if she realized at what she had done, then her face changed, her face looks twisted scarier than I have ever seen as she yelled “NO!” and that’s what I remembered before passing out. My parents saw me and decided to call a medium, he started doing rituals around the house. When he was done they were having a conversation with my parents. I remembered exactly what the he said…

Medium: “There was a woman who lived here her name was Alana, she had a husband and a daughter named Rose. She and her husband got divorced so it was just her and her daughter Rose. Alana gave everything to her but Rose liked her father more,Alana was depressed and hanged herself at the mango tree and her daughter watching from the window, the same window that Kimmy has on her bedroom..

Author: Kim Lean