Couple of days had just passed since I joined YMCA. I had no friends in the neighbourhood, so I joined YMCA to get involved in sports and make new friends. There were many games in YMCA like chess carrom, TT etc. I loved to play all but my favourite was badminton and I played it most of the time.
There were three floors at YMCA. YMCA office was situated on 1st floor, second floor consists of sports hall wherein 2 carrom boards were kept and 2 TT boards. 3rd floor had badminton court , huge one. There was a room on the second floor which was for some reason always closed. I came to know from my friends that there is badminton court in that closed room. ‘NO ENTRY’ board was placed on the closed door of the room with danger sign.

I was very inquisitive as to why the room was closed. One day I asked my friend Andy, who had joined YMCA 5 years back “Why is this room always closed?’ Andy said ” I don’t know much about this room, but I have herd that it is haunted”
I asked ” Why is this danger sign placed on the door”
“Who ever goes in the room never comes back” he said
I never believed in all these things. I was sure that someone was playing pranks to keep everyone away from the room. But why? I wanted to know . One day I asked Andy ” Is there any other way to go into this room?”
Andy said “There is no way we can enter the room, but yes there is a window at the back of the room, which can be opened ”
I decided to enter the room through that window and find out the truth of the haunted room.
Next day, I managed to enter the room when no one was around. The room was very dark. However, the moment I steped into the room, all the lights went on and the room was as bright as day light. In front of me stood beautiful girl in yellow dress. She looked like she was my age. She was smiling at me and i smiled back. She had badminton racket in her hand and going to the other side of the net, she invited me to play with her.
“Hi…I m Elizabeth…. come lets play”
I couldn’t refuse her because she was very charming and friendly.

We started playing. She played really well. After s game of 5 minutes, I had scored 9 points and she was on 6. While announcing the points she counted 9 points for her and 6 points for me.
I said ” Elisabeth I have scored 9 and you are on 6. U re making mistake”
She said angrily ” NO I have scored 9 and you are on 6 ”
I lost my temper snd shouted st her ” You CHEATER…. U R Cheater”
The moment I said this her face changed to an horrifying and ugly face.. her smile disppered . I tried to get out of the window but to my surprise, the window was locked tight and I couldnt open it.
“U MEAN TO SAY THAT I HAVE CHEATED ON U ???” She screamed. Her badminton racket turned to chain saw and immeditely she threw it in my direction. The chin saw was so fast , it could have slited my throat and would have been dead. but the saw was about to hit me I sliped over the shuttle cock lying on the floor and I fell down. The shuttle cock saved my life and the chain saw dashed agsinst the window glass and the whole glass was shattered. I took this chance and ran out carefully from that broken glass. I got hurt of the broken glass, but it didnt matter.
What mattered was that I was not dead. I ran swiftly and went to the badminton court on the 3rd floor where my firends were playing. I relaxed after I saw them.
Next day I narrated this incident to the YMCA manager and he was shocked
“WHAT U had entered that room…. are U Mad?”
I apologized and asked him the mystry behind the closed room.
He started ” The room has been closed for the past 10 years . But before that all the badminton tournaments were held at that court”
Then once in 1996, tournsments were held as usual in winter. Elizabeth , a beautiful young girl, export in badminton had also prticipted . She played very well and reched the finals. Her opponent was a cunning little boy named James. She was scoring very well but James won the game by cheating on her and he became the winner of the tournment.
Elizabeth compliant and tried to convience everyone that james had cheated. But James was very influencial person . He put all blme on Elizabeth and she was considered s cheater.

Everyone started tessing her. They thought that she had won all the p;revious tournments by cheating. Elizabeth couldnt bare this and she committed suicide in the badminton court and from then on many incidents and deaths in the court made the YMCA people to close the court.” After hearing the mystry behind the court, I thought I was lucky to have slipped over the Shuttle Cock that day.