Peek-a-boo i see you!

Kally and her family just moved into a new house in the woods but they have no neighbours  Kally is 8 years old  about to turn 9 in 2 weeks . It was 8: 30 pm as Kally was getting ready for bed in her new room she has never slept in her new room before. When Kally was ready for bed she went downstairs to ask her dad to tuck her in. Her dad took her upstairs and made her bed she hoped into her  bed.

” Goodnight daddy”  Kally said as her dad walked towards the door.

” Goodnight my little Kally wally ” her dad said as he turned the lights off and walked out of her room  Kally wally is her nickname her parents call her.

” Wait daddy” Kally called after   her dad. her dad walked back into the room and said.

” What is it angel”  .

” Can  you  look in  my wardrobe ” Kally said as she pointed to her wardrobe.

” Kally your almost 9 its time to stop believing in these things ok monsters are not real and no one is in your wardrobe” .

” How do you know that if you don’t look in my wardrobe” said Kally.

”  Because Kally i  just know so get some sleep ok  tomorrow is your first day at your new school and you don’t want to be tied” her dad said as he walked out of the room. Kally stared at the wardrobe for a while until  her eyes began to get heavy . She closed her  eyes but straight after she closed them she heard  her wardrobe door open. Kally  jumped up scared and stared at her wardrobe in horror her wardrobe opened up a bit more then when it was half way it stopped. Every thing was quiet  for 5 minutes then out of no where the door flew open then a clown jumped up and yelled

” peek- a -boo – i see you” then he ran and jumped out her window   . Kally was breathing really loud now and she couldn’t catch her breath . The next day past quickly. At night time Kally told her parents but they didn’t believe her .

” Goodnight mummy” Kally said as her mum put her to bed.

” Goodnight sweety” Kallys mum said.

” Mum”

” Yes ” her mum said.

” Can u check  my wardrobe ” .

” Kally no one is in your wardrobe”.

” I know mummy but please just check it please im begging you please” kally begged her mum.

” Alright but if i  check your wardrobe promise that you will stop making me and your  father check your wardrobe” Kallys mum said in a stern voice.

” I promise ” said Kally . Kally’s mum opened the door and standing there was the clown , he had black around his eyes and he looked really creepy. Kally’s mum jumped as she saw the clown.

” Kally this isn’t funny  that’s why you wanted me and your father to look in your wardrobe so you can scare us with that  awful clown  statue  model  thingy”.

” No ,mummy it’s a person not a statue” Kally said as she cried.

” That’s enough i want that statue gone by first thing in the morning now go to sleep” Kallys mum yelled as she slammed kally’s door closed . The clown grinned a grin that sent shivers down Kally’s spine. Kally stared at the clown in horror but he did not move he just stood there somehow she managed to fall asleep.but she woke up to something kicking the bottom of her bed she looked under the bed and the clown popped out and said

” peek- a – boo i see you ” then he went under the bed. The clown didn’t come out from under the bed so  Kally just went back to sleep. The rest of the day passed as usual. At night time again Kally didn’t want to go back to her room. After her dad tacked her in bed she looked around she didn’t know where the clown was hiding cause every night he hides in a different place . Then she felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned around only to come face to face with the clown. He was only two centimeters away from her, in her bed next to her. He leaned even closer and whispered in her ear..” peek-a-boo i see you.