Dexter the unwanted doll

Sally, a normal average 7 year old girl. ‘she loved toys ‘teddies’ ice cream’ and lollies  but the thing she loved the most were dolls. Her room was filled with dolls. She had all kinds of them, little dolls big dolls old dolls and new dolls.

” Sally dear get dressed we are going to the markets your brothers are already in the car ” her mum called out from downstairs..

” Ok mummy” Sally called back as she got dressed into a pink dress’ Sally’s mum tied her hair into 2 pony tails, then Sally walked to the car. Sally sat next to her two brothers Josh and Harry in the backseat. Josh was 10 years old and Harry was 12.

After around 30 minutes they arrived at the markets.
” Okay kids here take 10 dollars each so go buy whatever you want then meet us back here in the car in 15 minutes” Their dad said as he gave all the kids 10 dollars each and they all ran off to the markets. Of course Sally ran to the Dolls section. Sally looked at all the dolls. There were all kinds of dolls, glass dolls rubber dolls plastic dolls and soft dolls. Sally looked at all the doll prices and found that none of them were less than 20 dollars. Sally got a bit disheartened .. After searching the shop for a good while, Sally found one strange looking doll.This doll looked a bit old and dirty with big black eyebrows and mouth like a clown..Sally quickly looked at the price tag “Dexter for 10 dollars” she read on the tag and got very excited..Sally thought that she would give the doll a good wash at home and it’ll be good as new..

” Do you really want to buy Dexter?”an old lady who looked kind of creepy said.

” Yes please” Sally replied.

” Okay.. that’ll be 10 dollars ” the old lady said and strangely smiled at her.. Sally did not like the way the old lady smiled at her. It did not felt right. Sally quickly handed her the money and quickly ran back to the car. Everyone was already there waiting for her in the car.’ They all gasped when they saw the doll

” Sally, where id you find this dirty filthy doll?” her mum said starring wide eyed at the doll.Sally’s brothers started making fun of Dexter the doll and laughed.

” Sally got a bit angry at her brothers and just sat in the car without saying anything…

At night time , before going to bed , Sally decided to give Dexter a good wash..Sally tried hard to wash all the dirt off him but it wouldn’t come off. All of a sudden someone said in a sing song voice..

” Dexter killed your brother Harry your brother Harry Dexter killed your brother Harry”. Sally freaked out at first but then she thought this must be Harry’s little trick. “It’s not funny Harry”Sally shouted and ran to Harry’s room . She got terribly shocked and could not believe her eyes when she found Harry dead in his room…Suddenly She heard another voice..Sally started shivering.. This time the voice sang

” Dexter killed your brother josh your brother josh Dexter killed your brother josh” She ran to Josh’s room and found him dead too… Sally ran to her parents room…She was crying loud and told her mum about the whole story. When Sally’s parents saw their kids dead they called the police immediately .. Sally’s parents were heart broken. After a while the police came. Sally told the police about the song the killer sang. Of course nobody believed that a plastic doll did the killings. Sally herself did not believe this. They all were sure that the killer played a trick on them and wanted to scare us all by putting the blame on the doll .

Few weeks later, one night when Sally was sleeping in her room the same voice woke her up ..This time the voice sang

” Dexter killed your parents .. your parents .. your parents .. Dexter killed your parents.. la la la.. ”
Sally quickly ran to her parents room .. Sally found both her parents dead … and this time sally saw who killed her parents..It was Dexter..