It was Dark

It was dark, darker than usual. Most nights in this hole in the wall town were dark and quiet. But this was different. It was a dark you could almost…. feel.

Walking down the quiet block the streetlights gave the empty highway an eerie orange-ish yellow glow. It was only slightly foggy tonight, which gave substance to the dim lights and the empty buildings. The town was old and it had a few buildings. My brother and I would explore the old abandoned structures when we were younger. I had forgotten how peaceful it could be, but tonight was different. It wasn’t peaceful at all in fact it felt malevolent. The air was filled with tension as I continued from the gas station where I bought my energy drink. Sadly in this tiny town the gas station is the local “hot spot” where all the older guys hang out. It’s also the only place open at this time of night. The entire time I was walking around listening to music from my headphones I could feel like someone was following me. “It’s not possible”, I thought to myself. “Nobodies’ up at 3 am around here except me.” Still I couldn’t shake the feeling.

I pressed on, remembering places in town that caused memories to flood back. I hadn’t been back here since graduating college. Not much has changed, I walked by the park where I used to watch the stars late at night. I saw the pavilion where my brother got married. “That was a good day”, I murmured out loud to myself as I walked by. I had almost forgotten how freaked out I was getting when I saw something move behind the pavilion. I removed my headphones and called out “Anyone out there?”, nothing. I decided it was starting to get a little too late and I started heading home. On the way home I felt like I was being followed. I looked behind me and I saw a shadow moving closer. It didn’t seem to be attached to a person though. It crept closer and it seemed almost alive. I could feel a sense of dread wash over me like the night sky avoiding the light of day. I started to run. I knew it couldn’t be anything but I ran regardless. The faster I went the more fear I felt, I looked back at the on coming shadow and it as moving at a blinding speed. The only thing holding it back was the regular waves of streetlights bathing circles of light into the road. I couldn’t breath, I didn’t know if it was from the fear or from the running but I did know it was getting closer. I stopped in a streetlights precious radiance and the shadow hit the beam of light and bounced off like it was a brick wall. It let out a sickening shriek that seemed to echo on forever. It was so loud that the sheer force of the sound brought me to my knees. Shaking and out of breath I looked up and it was gone. Not like you could tell though, given that everything outside the lights was cloaked in darkness. Then all of the sudden I see off in the distance one of the streetlamps started to flicker. Then all the sudden it was out. All of the lights except for the one I’m under started flickering at once. This can’t be happening! I think to myself as the shrieks fill the air and the lights go haywire. All of the sudden the lights stop flickering and remain strong. I breathe a sigh of relief for the briefest moment until the light I’m under suddenly shuts off. Quickly I run to the next and the next as the lights shut off as I reach them as if by some sick predestined sequence. I don’t dare look back this time as the sound of whatever devil the night has summoned comes closer with every moment. Finally I reach my dad’s house at the end of the street and I open the door and slam it shut behind me. I quickly turn on every light I can find. Nobody is in the house except me since I was asked to house sit for the summer. “What is that thing?” I yell half out of breath from the running and panic. The pain from my asthma finally sinks in and I double over due to the stabbing pain in my side. Once again the lights flicker and shudder when the high-pitched wailing sound edges closer and closer. My breathing is really starting to become shallow and I struggled to keep myself standing. I could feel my consciousness fading and everything starts to go dark. I drop to my knees but I barely feel the impact. From light feeling in my head I know I’m about to go out. If I go out, I will die. If I…. die… I wake up groggy. The lights burn into my eyes and I move my arms to rub my eyes and I feel the pull of the I.V. on my hand. “Where am I?” I mutter out. “You’re in the hospital. You really had me scared!” A familiar voice replies. I look around the room and finally I see Jennifer, her raven hair and fair skin never looked so inviting. “It was awful! I thought I’d never see you again.” I stare at her as she smiles at me walking towards the light switch. “You need some rest baby.” I panic and start to protest but she doesn’t listen. “Get some rest and I’ll see you in a few hours. I love you.” I reach out my hand to try in vain to stop her but her finger flicks the switch and shuts the door. Then a gravel filled voice spurts out, “Your soul is mine now!”