My Dear Dog

A 20 year old women lived alone with her pet dog in a small country house. Her dog always sat next to her in bed when she was asleep, licking her hand.

One night, she decided to close her dog out the room, so he couldn’t lick her. So she got in bed and turned the light off. She felt a tongue licking her hand, leaving slobber all over hand. She sighs. The dog must have found a way in. she suddenly hears dripping. She must have left a tap on. she turns the light on, pets her dog and walks to the bath room. She turns the shower off, and returns to bed. She suddenly hears more dripping, so she gets up again, and turns the shower off. This time she decides to lock her dog out the room again. She gets back in bed. After a while she hears more dripping, and feel a large tongue licking her hand. She turns the light on again, but her dog isn’t there.

She feels puzzled, but decides that she imagined it. She goes into the bath room, and heads to turn off her shower. When she enters the bathroom, she finds that her dog is lying on the shower’s floor, covered in blood, written in blood on it, “Vampires Lick too” The Woman screams.