The Feeling of Evil

I live in Texas in a typical house built in the early 1960s. I am not sure why, but I seem to have quite a bit of activity from time to time of ghosts. In the past eight years, I can count about 8-10 ghosts that have passed through. I think some of it may have to do with the fact I am partly psychic.

In 2005 on a Saturday afternoon, I was working around the house cleaning, etc. As I walked past the hall, I was startled to see a transparent-looking man walk from the front bedroom to the back bedroom. He looked about 20 years old or so and had brown, curly hair. I could even clearly see what clothes he had on, which seemed to be from the ’70s era. I am not the type to get scared about seeing things like that, but it stopped me in my tracks.

For about a week, I didn’t notice anything strange happen. Shortly after that, I began hearing music and conversation between two or more people in the area where I saw the ghost previously. It would usually happen when I was in a bedroom or bathroom and I could hear it in the hall. I would always check thoroughly to see if it could be coming from outside, and it wasn’t. The sounds were coming from the hall area always when I was in an adjacent room. It would sound like a party was going on in the hall, and I could clearly hear conversations, which would stop when I walked back into the hall.

Finally, one morning I was in the bathroom getting ready for work. I started hearing two men whispering to each other right outside the door. This scared the heck out of me as I thought someone broke into my house and was waiting to jump me out in the hall. Yes, it was that real! Therefore, I quickly was dressed and found what I could to protect myself and moved toward the door. I opened it very cautiously and right then in my face, a clear disembodied voice said, “Yeah man!” I cannot even begin to explain how terrifying that was as I soon found I was alone in the house. I walked out into the hall, the air was heavy, and a foreboding feeling was everywhere. There was something standing in the corner watching me, but I didn’t stay long enough to find out. I quickly left for work and hoped it would be gone when I got back home. I could sense that whoever that was, he was looking for someone that was not me.

For a year or so, I had no problems in the house at all. However, fairly recently in 2006-07 I have had a surge of activity. When I was working in my computer room, it suddenly felt like someone was watching me. The air in the room became heavy and started to make me sick. I got a feeling that it wanted me out and now! Then I felt something walk past me into the hall and into the back bedroom. As I was in the hall, it walked back into the previous room. I was fairly freaked at this point and the feeling of “evil” was everywhere, which I cannot even begin to describe. I then started hearing pounding on the walls all over the house. I was about to leave and stay at a hotel, but got the nerve to take some pictures and captured something that looked like a disembodied skull. On some advice from a trusted friend, I read a passage in the Bible asking for God’s protection and it suddenly left. After that, the picture I took bothered me so much, I couldn’t look at it for a long time. Things have calmed down after that and I actually still live in the house. I guess I scared them off for now.