A Voice in the Crowd

I stood in the middle of the crowd. A crowd that wore black cloak and mask of clown. That mask, only showed, their blood red eyes, in which, anyone could easily drown.

No one had said a word. but I knew, they were here for me. There were ravens flying in the grey sky. I looked around in hope to find some help. My eyes landed on my family and friends, that stood far away from the crowd. I screamed, for help. but was shocked to see them walking. I screamed again but they didn’t even glanced back, and disappeared in the fog. Tears formed in my eyes. as the hope of being saved slipped away.


A strong voice came from the crowd.

“No!!” I fall on my knees, and screamed. and begged to the crowd. to stay away. But they shook their head. I screamed, and kicked, as they started dragging me into darkness.

Sweating heavily, I woke up, and looked around.

I was still in my room.

It was just, a dream. Just, a really bad dream. I’m still. in my room”. I repeated, trying to control my heart beat, but failed.

“Morning”! My family greeted me as I entered in the kitchen. Since, I was still scared because of the dream, so my reply was just a small smile. “What’s the matter dear?” Dad asked. as I sat on the chair next to him. “Nightmare”.

As I gave my small reply, he gave me a smile, and ruffled my hair. “Don’t worry, it was just a dream”. I smiled at his kiddish gesture, and looked out of the window. Black. The sky was black .

“Dad, why is the sky Black at this time ? It was not so late? , I asked with a frown. He was about to say something, when mum came, and served us some pancakes. with a quick peek on my forehead. And then the bell rang.

“I’ll take it”, I said. Still chewing the pancake, I opened the door. No one. I walked down the porch and looked around, no one was there. The road was deserted. apart from the ravens, there was no one in sight. Not even Mr Charles, who always drink’s his morning in his little garden.

“Where is everyone? And why is the sky black?”

I said and turned back to my house. Door was closed. I tried to open it but it was locked?

“Mom? Dad?” No answer. Now panicked I tried to open it again, but it didn’t. I kicked the door in frustration.

“We meet again”

a voice came from behind. and I froze.

I slowly turned around and wished that I had never stepped out of my room today.

I wished that I had never answered the door.

I wished that I had never stepped out of the house.

because there, in front of me, stood the crowd. A crowd that wore black cloak, and mask of clown. A mask, that only showed, their blood red eyes, in which, anyone could easily drown.