Devil encounter

Author: Jonathan salgado

Are ghosts real? That’s a question so many people have. Some are believers others are spectical. Let me give you a story on why I’m a believer.

I have always been able to see ghost even when I was a very young child, but back in 2009 I was about 14 years old growing up in Little Havana down in Miami my mother was a constant church goer but I haven’t stepped foot in a church in over 5 years at this point of time. One Sunday night my mother invited me to go to church with her and I decided to agree and go with her. 6pm comes along and we are all dressed and ready to go once we arrive it feels as if all bad and negative energy was all left outside the door. Things are going great and it was getting towards the end of the evening and we all get down on our knees and pray, I close my eyes and all of a sudden it’s as if I have left my body and started floating above everyone including myself I’m at lost for words, all of a sudden I see someone else floating but this person had wings and a beautiful glow around them just as if I was seeing my guarding angel. At this moment I’m lost in thought but felt at ease I see this angel start to move over to where I’m kneeling and starts to get in the same kneeling position and he slowly starts to hover downward and it looked as if this angel was going inside my body but the only thing that was left out were the angel wings and they now looked as if they were attached to me. After that i snapped back and my prayer is over I got up and felt so great and peaceful, I’ve never felt better in my entire life.

We arrive at home and I decided to go to my room and watch some tv my room was pretty spacious and very long I lay down on my futon in front of my bed with a blanket and have the lights off and started watching George Lopez. Midnight comes along and I was very relaxed and enjoying watching my show. A couple minutes later after midnight I start to feel that it’s getting harder to breath the air started to feel very dense. I heard a thump on my bedroom door I immediately looked over and saw nothing so I turned back to the corner where my tv was at and now I’m frightened and in total shock now I’m seeing about 6-8 dark shadows walking in my room just back and forth and are now moving in closer. I look down at my blanket I start to see roaches crawling on me I try and push them off but they just kept coming and coming…. and coming.. I threw the blanket off me and got up… all of a sudden I get this horrible feeling and the hairs on my arms start to stand up I can feel someone looking at me behind me and I was so petrified to want to turn around. I slowly turn towards where my bed is and til this day I still cant get the imagine out of my head. I saw this demonic looking figure standing about 6 foot 9 inches tall I was the torso of a man whose heavily built but the lower half looked like goats feet, it’s hands looked as if they were claws like from a bear it’s face wasn’t very hard to distinguish it was dark in my room and you can see this demonic shadow it’s eyes were blacker then the rest of the face with sharp teeth seemed to have horns on the top of its head. I was frozen in fear and this figure slowing started to reach with its claw for my head I quickly ran back and turned on the light and just like it came it was gone in a flash. I go to my mom in tears and explaining what I just saw she wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination and my mind playing tricks on me or what. I told her I screamed for her to come in and said no sounds came from my room.

The next day comes along and I tried to put it in my head that it was just my imagination getting the better of me. So come night Time I decide to go to sleep early because the previous night I was up most of the night I slept with my face to the wall, around 10:30pm I start to hear my door being opened and then closing the weird part is I would normally maintain my room locked, I start to hear and feel footsteps getting closer to me and closer and closer to where I feel someone looking over me and I can feel breathing on my neck. I was so scared because I was not able to move or open my eyes it felt as if I was paralyzed from head to toe I don’t know how long someone or something was staring at me but it felt like forever.

Eventually I feel it get off me and footsteps start to move towards my bedroom door to leave I hear the door open and then close. Once it closes I feel like I can move again my heart is beating I’m sweating like no other and decided to turn on the light and sleep like that.

The next morning I go say good morning to my mother and ask if she happened to walk into my room last night and she says no and I told her what happened. That same day we decided to go back to church and talk to the priest and tell him of what I have seen and gone through the last few days so he decided to do a prayer just for me I still felt very edgy on everything but hoped that prayer would help. Come night time i start watching tv in the dark and I hear a noise behind me I look over and this demonic creature is right behind me a lot closer than before it reached for me again and I quickly jumped opened my bedroom door and run to my moms room in terror she quickly turns on her light and tries to calm me down but nothing was working.

We decide to go to church again and tell the priest that it’s still happening now the church is more concerned they decided to do a certain type of ritual not exactly an exorcism but something to try and get rid of the spirit. They sit me down on a chair and pour some holy water on my hands and have me hold on to this bamboo stick of some sort well every one from the church build a circle around me and start walking in a circle while the priest is saying a prayer and others praying for me, i Can feel anger start to build inside of me to where I wanted to yell at every one and beat everyone with the steel chair I was sitting in including my own mother. My mind started imagining everyone down in there own blood and me over them. It almost felt like i was incontrol of myself anymore I felt my head spinning and spinning i could almost feel my body get lighter and lighter and felt like i was going to explode. Once it was over it was like i snapped back everyone looked at me and started asking how I was feeling and I just said very tired and drained people started shaking my hand and realized my hands were freezing cold they took the temperature of my hands and they were 25 degrees below room temperature while the rest of my body was at normal body tempt. I was very quiet on the ride home and told my mom I was tired and wanted just to go to bed so she said “okay goodnight I love you”
So I head to my room feeling tired and had the tv on for some light in my room and went to lay down about 15 minutes later I hear a growl and looked and I saw this demonic creature again at this point I have had enough I decided to stand up turn off the tv and have the room pitch black i can see this creature still as he is right in front of me now I grab my bible and start yelling at it with my own prayer and say that I’m not afraid of you, I have God, jesus and the Holy Spirit with me and my guarding angel has been protecting me from the start and I’m now ready to stand up. “ go away you don’t belong here” I yelled I finished by saying “ in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit i now banish you” i turn on the light and I can now feel my room less heavy I feel at peace I stayed up all night thinking. Come morning I go out to the kitchen to where my mother is cooking breakfast I ask her if she heard any commotion from my room or me yelling and she said she couldn’t hear a peep out of my room and I told her how I yelled s prayer at this demonic creature which I still believe I faced the devil in the eyes and made him leave. Til this day I haven’t seen this creature. I’ve seen little things but nothing major like this.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my story and I have plenty more of my experiences I would love to share.

Author: Jonathan salgado