Before the dawn of the dinosaurs we were around in the air ;inside the creatures when the frist signs of life crawled from the darkest depths of the blue oceans.

We were rogue able to do as we wished we even helped destroy the mightiest of the dinosaur s but history declared a different ending for them when that asteroid from outer space crashed into this planet known as earth.

We watched as centuries, pasted by to us in a blink of an eye then a strange event occurred to a species of primate their began to mutant and their bodies altered as their lost their fur and stopped walking on all fours and adapted to using two limbs to walk and the others to build and use to make tools.

We derived to see if we could inhabit their bodies but how was the problem as we did not know at frist and by using our collective hive minds we found our alternative by entering though their hands and mouth and nostrils.

When we entered we were attacked by deviant anti bodies and a long war broke out many were lost but soon we found a way pass and we started to spread this at frist frustrating killed our hosts for we were new and too strong for them so we had to go back to the drawing board.

We soon realised we had to modify our approach so we we divergent derived to get a bit weaker than instead of killing the host we made them in and spread us among their races.

This system worked well but the primates primitive brains grow so did intelligent and the apes gained knowledge and insight and became a new other of themselves by calling themselves Humans.

We had more battles with humans through the oncoming decades and when we thought the population was too many we increased our strength to kill them in their million s normally in a hundred year circles.

Then we realised that this species called Human become complacent and thought thier life span was now a certain to live a long life so we became a super version of ourselves so we infected the population of the different countries on planet Earth so it would confused thier top specialist known as scientists.

A variant is a form of version of something that differs in some respects from other forms of the same thing or standard and we are here to the end of the known universal space and time that planet Earth existing but we will travel with the solar winds to pastures new.