One rainy day, a boy named Greg was walking to his school. As the rain started to pour heavily, Greg took out his umbrella. As he was walking, he saw a small boy by the side of the road. The boy seemed wet and cold. He was shivering and crying. Greg was a nice boy. He wanted to help the little boy. He went up to the little boy and gave him his jacket. The boy smiled and said. “Oh! Thank you so much! I live in that house there! Come visit me sometime! My name is Tod.”

Later that evening, Greg decided to walked over to Tod’s house. He rang the doorbell. A lady came out. She smiled at Greg. “Hi! can i see Tod please?” Greg asked. Greg told her that they just met this morning on his way to school.

The woman frowned and said “But! That’s impossible! Tod died two years ago on that sidewalk over there. The one near the graveyard, halfway from school…”