The witchcrafter

Author: Osiel Herrera

This happened weeks ago. My sister was complaining that there were fleas in the house. When I was back from school we went to my grandma’s house so my sister can stay there. We went to an hotel with my parents and my brother. My brother was a little late to go to the hotel. The hotel was named RedRoof so when we came I did my homework,my mom watched TV, and my dad was in my phone.

When finally my brother came we ate a little and then it was time to sleep.

Around at 10pm in the bathroom the lights were flickering. Then we heard some people talking.

Then there was only silence. Until a man said “take my soul” idk why but it was crazy I was asleep but I heard a little.

My parents woke me up at 12pm and we left. We left running.

And I know that I will never forget that moment.

Author: Osiel Herrera