The Horrifying Woman

Author: Russell Jay

This incident happened when I was just 12 years old. On those days of my life, I was a working student. I live in my Uncle and his girlfriend’s house in a province which is pretty far from my parents’ house somewhere in the nearest city. I don’t have any experience from being a working student at that time because I’m only 12, but I have to work because my parents cannot afford the school fees. I’ve find the house pretty good because it’s much bigger than our house. I also like the nice and calm environment. The house is near from a rice field which I could clearly see from a distance. All things went nice at first but as the months pass by, I started to experience some strange feelings and see some unusual shadows. There are times that while I’m washing dishes, I can feel a very cold air in a certain part of my body together with a strange and very disgusting smell, and one time I saw a woman’s shadow being reflected in the walls but immediately vanish right after looking in it. At first, I thought it was just somebody’s shadow but that strange thing happened repeatedly. There are times that it appears at the walls of my bedroom together with the nasty smell that makes me feel goosebumps. But I’ve chose to ignore all of it and think that it’s just my imaginations. I tried telling my Uncle about this strange happenings around the house but he didn’t believed me after all. He told me that maybe I’m just hallucinating or over thinking a lot of things. Well, I hope he’s right.

One night, around 10:00 PM, my Uncle is already sleeping when I decided to take a half bath and get ready for sleep. I went outside my room. While walking downstairs because my room is at the second floor, I stopped for awhile because I saw his girlfriend in the living room. She’s doing nothing except standing and facing the wall at a corner. I find it strange and asked my self. “What is she doing in there at this time? I thought she’s already sleeping.” I said. Out of curiosity, I continued walking to the bathroom. When I am about to wash my face, I inhaled the very strange and nasty smell again but at this moment, I haven’t felt the unusual ice-cold air. I didn’t mind it a lot at first because I easily get scared specially at night and I don’t want to scare myself too so I started washing my face with some water and ignored the unpleasant smell. I thought that the strange smell will be gone after a few minutes but unfortunately, it didn’t. A few moments later, the bad smell is still there and at this point it became more nasty that made me cover my nose. A few more moments later, I saw a woman’s shadow reflected in the bath room’s shower curtain because the door is broken that’s why you can see any shadow that’s close to the curtain specially during nighttime. I’m standing a few steps from the curtain that can be seen at the right side of my body that’s why I can only see it in my peripheral vision but my eyes is clear even the light inside the bathroom is dimmer than the lights outside and I know that there’s something behind the curtain. I remained no movement for about a minute when I suddenly heard a very low woman’s voice coming from the shadow and I also felt the unexplained cold air again right after hearing that voice. I immediately had goosebumps all over my body and unintentionally looked right at the shower curtain where the low voice is coming. This time, I can clearly see the whole figure of the shadow. It looks like a woman standing a few steps from me and she is facing in the shower curtain. She wear a dress and have a messy hair as what was reflected in the shower curtain. Her neck is bent at the left side resulting for her head to become bent too. I am so shocked right after seing that figure and covered my mouth to resist making any sound. I am so scared at that time and do not know what to do. Out of fear, I asked the woman “Who’s there? What do you want?” I said. That was the biggest mistake I made during that moment. The woman did not respond to my question but she stopped from making low voice which results my knees to move uncontrollably because I know she heard me. I can feel my rapid heart beats in my ears and I’m sweating cold sweats. More or less 20 seconds later, I heard the woman’s voice again but at this point she’s laughing and started to walk very slow coming to me. Her laugh is the most unearthly laugh that I’ve ever heard in my entire life. My body is chilling because I’m so frightened and scared about the next scene will going to happen. Right at the moment the woman reached the shower curtain, she stopped walking and lightly scratched the curtain with her hands that has long and pointed nails. I do not have any idea if what’ll going to happen if she remove the shower curtain which is the only boundary between me and her but I am praying that she won’t take it off. She continued laughing and made a hole at the center of the shower curtain that’s enough to see me inside. At this point, I’m already crying and stepped farther from the creepy woman and leans in the wall at a corner of the bathroom. A few moments later, she looked at me and smiled from the hole she made. I was shocked of what I saw because she have a very creepy looking face and have wounds, bloods and muds on her cheeks and forehead. She have a very messy and dirty hair. Her teeth have bloods and some portions of her lips are swelling. But the most terrifying thing that I saw that moment is her eyes. Her two eyes is totally covered with raven black color and has white dot at the center of it. I never saw eyes like that before that’s why what I saw made my whole body chill and made my eyes open wide. I didn’t do anything except covering my eyes with my cold hands and sat in a corner. I wanted to scream but I cannot because I am afraid for the next thing will going to happen if I’ll do that. I don’t even have courage to run beside that horrifying woman that’s staring right on me. The woman laughs for a couple of seconds and eventually stopped. After some seconds of total silence, I looked at the shower curtain and felt relief because the creepy woman is finally gone after making a spine-chilling happenings. I immediately stood up from being sat in the corner of the bathroom and the only thing that’s running into my mind is to get out and ran right in my Uncle’s room. But after a single step, I felt that my shoulder is wet and noticed that there’s some droplets at the left side of it that’s coming from the ceiling of the bathroom so I wiped it out. I immediately looked on the droplets that have been sticked on my hand to determine what it is. I was terrified because the droplets is mixed mud and blood. My heart starts to beat fast again because I know that there’s something clinging in the ceiling and whatever it is, it’s bloody. Seconds later, I heard someone groaning that made the hair all over my body to stand up. Out of fear, I forced my head to turn where the voice is coming from and shocked of what I see. It is the horrifying woman again! She’s clinging at the ceiling of the bathroom and watching me with her creepy eyes and her mouth that have been opened wide that clearly shows her pointed and bloody teeth. I wanted to run as fast as I could but my body is freezing because of fear. I’m also scared of the factor that she’ll jump right on me if I move and I know in my self if that thing will happen, I do not have enough strength to fight and defeat the demonic woman. After a few moment, the weird woman started to crunch her teeth repeatedly and I can hear the sound of her teeth while she’s chomping it and almost jumping on me when I freaked out and fell down… And everything is black.

I can feel the sun rays in my skin coming from my room’s window when I got conscious and suddenly felt a pain at the left side of my forehead. I lightly touched the painful side and got a looking glass and beheld on it and noticed that there’s a bump. Right after thinking why there’s a bump in my forehead, I eventually remembered the paranormal thing happened to me last night and immediately felt chills throughout my body. I closed my eyes and believed in my self that that was just a very bad dream. When I finally felt better, I went downstairs. I went to the kitchen and saw the girlfriend of my uncle cooking breakfast, facing back from me while my Uncle is sitting in a chair and having a cup of coffee. Suddenly, he noticed me standing in the door with no expressions in my face and he immediately stood up and walked closer to me and said “Finally, you’re awake! Are you feeling better now? What happened last night? We’re so worried about you!”. The moment my Uncle finished saying that and about to respond in his questions, his girlfriend got my attention because she slowly bent her head and turned it facing to me without moving the other parts of her body and smiled. My eyes were opened wider and felt goosebumps all over my body after seeing that. The horrifying woman that haunts me last night was the girfriend of my uncle.

Some parts of the story is TRUE from my own experience.

Author: Russell Jay