The Haunted Hospital (True Story)

Author: Pamela Petitón

Hi, my name is Pamela, this is a real story of what happened to my mother while she was taking care of me when I was very sick. The day it all happened, I woke up in the morning feeling Ill, my whole body hurt horribly so my mom took me to nearest the hospital. I hoped It was just the flu so I was just waiting for the nurse to give me some medicine and then go home but it took a turn for the worse when the nurse checked my leg and saw a bunch of red dots in it. I was in shock, I had no idea I even had them, I gave a sad look to my mom before I was put in a bed and taken to the room I had to stay in until I recovered. The doctor came in and told us I had the Dengue fever, I was almost crying when I heard that since that was the worse kind of illness back then in my country but my mom reassured me I was going to be fine.

During the day I was accompanied by my uncle and grandparents, mom was talking to them about what happened. It was all normal until she saw something strange happened, a small paper that was on top of the nightstand flew over her side, it was impossible for that to happen. All doors and windows were closed, the was no air conditioner neither a fan turned on. Mom got an uncomfortable feeling about it but didn’t pay much mind and kept the conversation going till they left. The first night I let my self sleep soundly until it was early morning and I heard a knock on the door, it was the nurse, she had to take a blood sample to see how I was doing. Since I hate syringes, I was nervous so it was harder to find my veins and the nurse made a mistake, now my hand was bloated. I was in a bad mood the whole day because of that. The night came, my fever was stronger than yesterday, my mood even worse. I didn’t want to see anything, I wanted all the lights turned off and stay just in pure darkness.

My mother was sitting in the sofa at the left of the room, just in front a big chair beside my bed. At that time, I was lying on my back, staring at the ceiling for a while not moving at all, it felt strange. I suddenly called my mom, 1… 2… 3 times, she didn’t answer, I called one more time louder, that’s when she said “I’m here, just wait” and then she came up to me and said that there was a white ball of light coming out of nowhere and took the shape of a tall person, it stood for a few seconds at the side of my bed, as if it was looking at me then it moved toward the chair and disappeared just when my mom stood up. It was weird, when that happened my head was pointed directly at the ceiling, so I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t know if that thing was good or bad but I couldn’t do anything about it.

A day after that, another unusual thing happened to mom. This time I was a sleep when it happened. It was when she was about to sleep that she saw a man walking towards her, he was small, skinny and had his hair tied in a short pony tail. When he got closer he asked “Oh young lady, do you think my wife loves me?” with a sad expression on his face and a sorrowful sigh after he talked, my mom, unfazed by the fact this was a wandering spirit talking yo her, she answered “Yes, I know she loves you. Don’t doubt it!” as soon as he heard that he grinned, it was a weird smirk but he didn’t say anything and walked away disappearing into the night.

A few days passed, I was two days away for being a week since I got there and I was getting tired of staying in bed all the time, I was annoyed by the noises of the hospital and to make it worse, the doctor came to tell me that I need a blood transfusion for tomorrow since I was very weak. A friend of mine volunteered to donate, I was very touched by his kindness but I thought it and didn’t want for things to go that way. I wanted to ve free again, I wished for my health to get back to how it usted to be… suddenly I heard a voice telling me to drink every last bit of the natural medicine (the guava juices and black bean soups that were in the refrigerator) so I did. The next day, the doctor came in shocked about my health results, I was complety cured! I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy I could finally go home. I was thankful for whichever spirit was it that helped my wish come true.

Author: Pamela Petitón