The Demon And The TV

Author: Anonymous

My family seems to always have this connection with the paranormal. Ghosts, demons, shadow people, they’ve been through a lot. I guess you inherit this kind of thing because I myself am very sensitive and have had a few paranormal encounters of my own. I’m the kind of person that can get that “nope” vibe from a mile away without even knowing what I’m supposed to be avoiding.

Anyway having said that. My parents are divorced I live with my mom and step dad, but used to have to go visit my biological father. He always seemed to attract bad energy….I was staying with him in some house he’d rented and I really liked that house it was clean, it was spacious, but it had one problem the basement…. Yes just like a horror film what happened down there is the reason, I understand that basements weren’t put in horror films just because someone thought it would be fun. I was fairly young at the time still a preteen, I would go down there to play video games(if you are curious KH and AVP for Ps2).

I guess it wasn’t really your typical basement it had a bathroom, small kitchen, and a little area to sit and watch tv. The first time I went down there I felt fear like someone was intensely watching me, like everywhere I moved it seemed like someone had their eyes wide as possible just watching me angrily. I disregarded it because I was kind of a paranoid kid for obvious reasons. I didn’t listen to my gut as much back then, but that incident is mostly likely one of the reasons I don’t ignore it anymore.

Each time I went down there, even with somebody I felt like someone was watching me with almost a hatred. My brother just a little younger than me got weird vibes going down there too. One day I went down there ignoring the fear and paranoia, and for whatever reason the tv wouldn’t turn on. I thought that was odd, I pressed the button then fiddled with the game console. Then a small black thing like a dementor from harry potter, it had no face, it was just this small cloaked blob that flew out of the top of the tv. It happened for a millisecond, like a flash, literally I blinked and it was gone. No, it wasn’t like Samara from the ring it happened so fast. I just sat there, still feeling something was staring at me.

I sat there for a long time then I finally got the courage to go up the stairs and if memory serves correctly, I didn’t go back down. Just to clarify I don’t do drugs nor do I have a history of hallucinating. When I think about this incident I like to hope it didn’t actually happen. I can’t stress enough please never ignore your gut. Later my biological father told me the place was haunted…haunted? Yeah more like possessed

Author: Anonymous