The Clock

One night a girl and her mom are driving home at night from the doctors. The girl asks the mom if they can go to the toy store to get a toy. The mom says yes, so they go to the toy store.

At the store the girl sees a clock that looks like a girl with her hand swinging back and forth holding up the peace sign, two fingers. The girl asks the mom if she can get it, and the mom says yes. at the counter, the girl asks the cashier why the clock has a scratch on it. He says it an old clock, an old woman used to own it. Then the girl and the mom left with the clock.

Minutes later, the mom gets a phone call that her husband has been in a terrible car crash. The mom hangs up, brings her daughter home, and tells her to wait until she gets back. The daughter says okay, and heads up to her room with her new clock. When the mom arrives at the hospital, she finds that her husband has died. She heads home to tell her daughter the bad news. When she arrives, she finds her daughter lying under the table with her blood all over her dead body. The clock is sitting on top of the girl swinging her hand back and forth going tick-tock, tick-tock.

Only now, the clock is holding up three fingers…