School Horror Story

Author: Star Liptak

Hi. My name is Star.
I am an Elementary student. I have heard rumors that when there is a lockdown and when the classroom is pitch-black, a black figure comes to a classroom, any classroom after that, the black figure disappears into the classroom he kills all of the teachers and students and leaves one alive. The black figure haunts that student for a week. But this student.. wasn’t haunted for a week. That student was haunted for a month.

The student was a girl. Her name was Leah. She was only 9, in the 4th grade. She was bullied. She was my friend. But she died.. That black figure never came back after Leah’s death. Leah died because the black figure killed her at 3am.

After the lockdown, Leah ahead home. She was alone because her parents were working. Leah decides to watch tv. The screen was black. After a minute the screen turned on. “AAAHHH” The black figure was on the screen. Leah jumped up from the couch ran to her room and hid beneath the blanket. Her parents arrived home. Before the black figure could touch her, it disappeared. Her parents had gone to bed when the came inside. Leah was sound asleep. The next day she told me what happened. I was terrified. I could move. Leah had tears coming down her face as she saw the black figure coming up slowly behind me. I turned around. “AAHHHHHHH” We both ran away as fast as we could. Leah fell in a deep hole. I couldn’t stop. I kept on running.

The next day I found Leah fine when she came to school. “Hey Leah. A-are you okay?” I said softly. “Y-yea..” she said. I left her desk. School passed by. It was dark by the time I was home. Leah was home in her bed on her phone. I called her. Before she could pick up, The black figure grabbed her and kept her by it’s side until 3am. “Huh?” I said in my head. I called her again, and again, and again. By the time it was 3am I heard screaming. I jumped out of bed and ran down stairs. I opened the door only to see her hanging by her head. Blood came down her neck on to the floor. The black figure showed it-self. I knew that face.. But who was it? It came closer. I was shocked. It was Leah’s boyfriend! After that night I never had a lockdown in my school. Little did I know…. Leah was always by my side watching over me to protect me. She loved me and I loved her.

I knew that she would remember me. I remembered her. One day I found her sitting on my bed. I was shocked. My eyes opened wide. “L-leah?” I said with fear inside of me. “Hello, Star.” she said happily. We hugged. After that day she was always by my side.

Author: Star Liptak