Sanity Test

This test was made to see how long a man or woman could stay in a room was completely blank and had a pattern on the walls which would make it almost impossible for the naked eye to see.The test subject would be out in the chamber and hidden cameras in the room would be recording their actions until they have gone insane.When he or she got insane.

Now you might be thinking how could they go insane knowing that nothing could harm them in any way unless they would start to get claustrophobic they might ask to leave.

However all of the test subjects did not know how they got there.To get the test subject in the room they would be captured and would remain knocked out depending how long it would take to get the subject in the room without he or she waking up.When the person got in the room and woke up the cameras would be turned on by the doctors or scientists who where near by. When the test subject got insane the room they where in would fill up with knock out gas and be taken safely back to their home.

Now you might ask why it is allowed? Well the answer is it is not allowed it is illegal and has been rumored to have taken place in 1960-1982 .

There were only 7 test subjects and all 7 went insane after a short amount of time and would begin talking to themselves or start yelling let me out.That is all I know about the sanity project at the moment and I won’t be writing about this again. This is the end of this short story or rumor.