Author: C.J.

During the summers and winters I lived with my dad. But this stories takes during the summer time, my dad and I live on the lake in a fairly big house in a dead end road. One day my dad and I came back from tubing but he didnt have a rope to tie the boat to the dock with. He told me, “there should be rope in the attic, can you get it for me?” I said, “sure.”

Late a night I would usually year noises in the attic, the attic was basically the second floor of the house that no one has finished yet, it was very spacious and when we moved in what was left up there were two chairs sitting next to each other. There was enough room to build 3 bed rooms, or if I were the build it a giant libaray. I looked over on the left and see a couple of clear plastic boxes and found a rope, which made me feel eery. It made me feel that way because it was tied up like a slipknot. I held it in my hands for a while thinking about who’s boxes they are, I was worried if it was my dad’s. But I knew he wouldn’t do anything because he loved his life since we were best friends. Then I looked more in the box realizing, these stuff were my uncles. My uncle passed away two years ago from cancer, we kept his ashes in my dad’s walked in closet. I’d sometimes leave cards in there just incase his spirit wants to read because I know sometimes he visits. He was a happy soul, but was he really? I noticed how quiet it was, I felt some cold air which was odd because there was barely any cold air in the attic since there was no air conditioning up here. My heart felt heavier, something told me to take the rope although there was another rope that was shaped like a noose in a different box. But I followed that feeling and just took the noose.

I ran down stairs and closed the door behind me and ran down to hill to our dock. I saw my dad hold the boat to the dock with his hand. He was strong. I gave him the rope but he looked at it like it scared him.

“Where did you get this?”, he asked calmly

“In Uncle Steve’s stuff,” I replied feeling nervous.

He began untying the noose knot,and I saw his expression go blank. I knew that my uncle was suffering from the cancer, but I didn’t think he wanted to lose his life at one point because of it.

But ever since that night I found the noose I can feel something always watching me, even flickering the lights on and off and night. But it wasn’t scary, but I knew it was my uncle wanting to make me know him more.

Author: C.J.