Night night sweet dreams

Author: Sandra

It was midnight I was about six or seven. My cousins were staying over at my house, me and my cousin, Tina, started to here this scratching on my closet door. Of course we didn’t sit there. I jumped up and ran out,my cousin following me. It felt like hours had past so we went back to my room and opened the door.
What was on the door still haunts me.
“Night night sweet dreams. I’ll see what we can do with you.”
In the morning I woke up and checked the door the words were still there as I ran to get my mom I heard a sound and ran.
When we got there the words were gone. Now all I remember of my childhood as my mom come and tells me goodnight is “ night night sweet dreams “ as if the wind says it
Like I’ll be having sweet dreams

Author: Sandra
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