My Kind Grandma

Author: Mehakpreet Kaur

On25 august,2018(summers) my grandma passed away I cried so hard that day…..that I got high fever really high I can’t even sleep that night and I was having a blanket on to make me feel a bit better…..after hours of scrolling in my bed I saw a white light coming out of my window it was shiny, clear and white I thought it was moonlight. That light kinda of touched me, I felt really good after that and I felt that my fever got away then my father woke up…..I told him to off the AC and when he woke up I noticed the light got away …..I fell asleep after that.

My mom was at my gradma’s house for some days…

Next day, I went to my grandma’s house and I told my mother about that situation and she asked me some questions then told me that light ….it was my grandma’s spirit which came to help me….. I have never thought of it like that……


Author: Mehakpreet Kaur