My family’s dark secret…

Author: Sam Heaney

Hi , My name is Sam Heaney. And what has been happening to me is unimaginable….. I’m living in a haunted house-But let’s cut to the chase. I was eleven at the time and I’m thirteen now. I started off small when doors and windows would close or things would move around the house with no one moving these objects. I thought it was weird but no one else noticed it because, it was only my stuff being moved ? They told me to stop being paranoid or that I’m watching too much scary movies (Which to be perfectly honest , was true). It all began to get much, much worse when I was finally allowed to go straight home after school rather then stay at my Grammy’s house until half four, Only problem was that if I did chose to go straight home I would be home alone for two hours..

When I was doing my homework , sitting down at the kitchen table one day , I thought I saw a woman dressed in robes walk down my stairs and into my sitting room ? I stupidly went to check but there (of course) was nobody there ?
I told my parents soon after they got home , But they refused to believe that their house , that they had spent years work to look this good …was haunted.

The door of a the sitting room with no one in it slammed hitting me in the face three days later.. My nose gushed blood , When I told my parents .. they called the school thinking I got in a fight.

Christmas came a while later and things were still acting unnatural.. I was miserable at this stage. Something was targeting me…

Me and my friends wanted to go shopping one day . I was showering in my rusty old shower thinking about how much fun we were gonna have.. but I was only thinking that to distract me from what was really going on in my life. I was just about to get out when I heard was whispering ! I brushed it off . I then felt something I will NEVER forget . I realized why me parents always denied the fact that the house
could be haunted . Two hands grasped my shoulder . Two familiar voices spoke in perfect sinc “ ya know SON…. you WERE RIGHT” ……

Author: Sam Heaney