It’s her…

Author: Anj hanson

Patrisha lives alone in a small house in the woods. She used to be a mother of a kind-hearted little girl who loved to sing, named “Kendall”. Patrisha loved her dearly but she passed away from an asthma attack when she was only 9.
Ever since, Patrisha was isolated and alone.
She would always cry and think about her daughter.

One night, Patrisha was watching television when she heard something unexpected..
A humming voice from the woods was coming.
It sounded just like Kendall.
Patrisha was so excited forgetting that her daughter died by an asthma attack but not lost in the woods.
She ran straight into the woods.
She saw a little girl that looked just like Kendall.
“Look into the river mommy!!” Kendall yelled as Patrisha looked into the river.

With no particular reason…
It was like the river was calling Patrisha to drown in the river..

Patrisha puts her face in the water…
Without any scream she laid there…drowning.

The imaginary girl in the woods wasn’t her imagination, ghost, spirit…
It was her faith encouraging her to go end the pain…
So she did.

Author: Anj hanson