I Was Attacked By A Psycho In An Alleyway

Author: João Áxel

This fact happened to me in the last year, 2018.

I lived in the 9th floor of a Tower Residence Building with 16 floors, which was around a part of my city that was very commercial, filled with stores, bars and even some buildings of international companies.

It was an ordinary Friday night, I was in my apartment and suddenly felt willing to eat some snacks, so I decided to put some clothes and go to the snack bar that was barely ten minutes from my house so I could buy a chocolate or cookies.

When I was half the way there, I had to pass through an alleyway, I usually passed through there to go to the snack bar, but that time, everything was so creepy in there, it was dark, empty, abnormally cold and gloomy, I felt slightly intimidated for that but there was nothing there that could really harm me, so I decided to go without caring much for that, and just go through the way I always used to get to the snack bar, because I thought nothing would go wrong.

So I kept going until I suddenly heard something weird the other side of the alleyway. There was an apparently crazy man in there staring at the walls in a hunchback stance, grunting weirdly. I found that incredibly creepy, but I was nearly at the snack bar, I just needed to get out of that alleyway and walk one minute more and I would get there instead of making all the way home with empty hands, so I decided to ignore him and pass through him, after all, Real Life isn’t a horror movie right? He shouldn’t suddenly jump on me and start tearing my body apart, because it doesn’t mean that he is a killer just because he is an apparently homeless crazy person.

When I finally passed through him, he turned to me and stared at me with a creepy smile in his face, that creeped me out and made me walk a little bit faster trying to avoid him and get out his sight the fastest as possible, when I suddenly I heard a grunt and quick steps right behind me.

When I looked back, it was him, we were barely two feet from away from each other, he had a kitchen knife in his right hand and jumped on me surprisingly fast and tried to stab me.

I managed to grab both of his arms before he could get to me, but since he was charging at me, he still had more energy to push me back and forced me against a wall. I was terrified with all of that, and I knew I would die if I didn’t fight back. I was already trained in some martial arts to defend myself, but I mostly trained them because I found the idea of being a skilled fighter pretty cool but that I would never need to use that skill to defend my life, until now.

So we actually started struggling against each other in there, I punched his face with all of my strength and kicked his stomach forcing him to the ground, he fell with his hand in his face screaming, and I used that time to run away from that place, and go to the place I had to go.

Running, I finally got to the snack bar, I Told the security what happened but they said they couldn’t help unless the man attacked me in the Snack Bar, and I saw that they were right after all, so, thinking everything would be fine for now, I bought that chocolate bar I wanted and went back home, but obviously I didn’t take the same path I did from before, I did the longest one that was by the other side of the streets and didn’t use shortcuts like alleyways.

But there is when things got even creepier, all the streets were empty and dark, some lights in the light poles were failing and blinking constantly, which made the way back home be pretty scary, until my eyes widened with fear when I heard screams coming through the other side of the street, that was the entrance of my apartment, when I approached and looked to see what it was, it was the same crazy man, now seeming like if he was completely out of himself, acting like an animal, slamming his head of the iron door to my building’s entrance, his face was bleeding horribly of hitting his head in the door so much. That freaked me out completely. My parents were in a trip and the watchman of our building was in vacation, I wasn’t going to fight that man again unless I had a weapon, so I decided to rush to my girlfriend’s house that was twenty minutes of mine and decided to don’t come back until that guy was gone.

When I got there, she was home alone, she looked worried because I was looking pale and there was still some marks of the man’s blood in my clothes.

I explained everything to her and we called the police to my building. When they arrived there the man was still in the entrance of my apartment trying to force the doors unsuccessfully, when he saw the police in there, he attacked them but got quickly dominated by the cops.

They explained that he was probably a crazy psycho in the streets looking for a “prey” to do whatever his sick desires made him do, so they sent him to a high-security mental asylum for criminals that luckily was far away from my house. I feel so lucky that I survived that day and I’m hopeful that I will never see that man again.

Author: João Áxel