I though it was a prank call but it was a warning

Author: Cleofe Jean

Hi, I’m cleofe. It’s about a month since the “Accident” happen. I have an older brother called Jasper and a little brother called Jordan. The three of live in an apartment not too far from the city, so we had to walk to the city without any problem. But there was this one night that I could never forget.

Jasper went out of the evening that time, leaving me and jordan at our home. It was around 7:30 pm when we received a call from an unknown number, jordan picked it up only to hear, “He’s going to die. Die. Die. Die. Die!” he gave me the phone as I was about to tell this person how awful his prank was but then he keep saying it, “He’s going to die! Run! Hide! Hide! Hide!” I immediately turn off my phone and grab jordan. Hoping it was a prank but I feel like hiding somewhere. So I told jordan that he and I should stay in my room, we spend 2 hours in my room then the lights went out. Thats when I had figured that prank call had some deep meaning so I told jordan to be quiet until the lights went back.

I feel like we were in the darkness for hours then someone opens the door in the living room, jordan hugged me very tight as I can feel his fear inside of me. I was praying, hoping it was jasper but then footsteps were heard. Heading to my room, I can hear it opening the door of each room, I hide myself and jordan under my bed and it opens the door. Calling out our name saying he was a police. I peek to see that he was an officer, he signal the others and took us in the police car

I asked the police office, “Whats going on?” He sigh and told me everything.

That my brother was murdered and the murderer was on his way to kill jordan and me. I was scarred and I was huging jordan as he cries.

The police soon grab the suspect and it was our uncle. He was sentence to prison for 5 years and we were returned to our apartment, jordan keep looking at the phone. “Sis, the prank call must be a warning but from who?” Actually, not even I know about the mysterious owner of this number.

I was happy that jordan and I lived but also depressed from the death of my big brother

Author: Cleofe Jean