HIDE AND SEEK – Ready Or Not?

My mother was in the kitchen, counting down from 30. As I ran up stairs to find a good hiding spot. She was already halfway through the count down, when I finally just decided to hide in the closet. I could faintly hear her, as she reached ten in the count down.

“Ready or not, here I come!” She said.

I heard her rushing up the stairs, with a slight laugh and I saw her pass the closet, through a crack in the door. She was tip-toeing. I quickly covered my mouth, to hide any sudden sound of excitement from escaping and giving away my position.

When I heard a faint giggling, coming from down the hall from another small closet, I heard my mother making a dash for it. She quickly opened the door and said.

“I will catch you “.

But from the resulting sigh, i knew nothing was there.

I was wondering what had made that noise?

I was the only child in the house, so what could have made that noise?

My mother slowly began making her way towards the closet I was hiding in. When again the giggling sound erupted but closer this time. It sounded like it came from her room. I began to panic.

What was making that awful giggling sound?

I kept repeating to myself.

From the crack in the closet, I saw my mother heading towards her room. After checking her room, she came out and began hollering that she isn’t playing no more.

She asked me to come out.

As I was about to open my mouth to let her know where I was. I heard my voice, from the first closet she checked.

“I’m in here, mommy”.

The voice said.

I was shocked!

She checked the closet again and said.

Oh! honey there you are!

Through the crack in the door, I saw my mother and a creature. The creature looked exactly like me but that was not me.

It turned it’s head and looked at me.

He was smiling.

I was silenced by shock.

Had it known I was in here the whole time?

In horror i said.

“Mom! Mommy?”

I managed to squeak quietly.

My mother stopped dead in her tracks as the creature began to breathe heavy and loud.

I heard my mom scream, followed then by her falling down the stairs.

I rushed out of the closet and stoped at the top step staring down at this creature, who was attacking my mother.

My mother was constantly trying to fight it off but it wouldn’t leave her.

“Timmy run!”

My mother screamed.

I took off down the stairs leaping over them and rushed out the door.

I made my way towards the neighbors house to get help.

But when i came back, there was no one in the house.

I never saw my mother again.

They never located her body.

Nobody has any clue what happened to her.

But I still hold hope that she may be out there.


Story: Reddit ZodiacDrake

Background Music © Purple Planet Music
Corridor by Chris Martyn/Geoff Harvey