Creepy Apartment

This happened when I was still a college student. My sister was helping me clean up and move all my stuff to this cheap apartment I found near my university. There was only a small kitchen and another room that I planned to use as the bedroom as well as my living room. I thought I can get used to the crappy apartment anyway.

When I was escorting my sister out the room, we heard a creaking noise from the ceiling. But the strange thing was, I lived on the top floor, the 3rd floor.

“Maybe it’s a mouse!” my sister teased me. “Just think you got a pet hamster with the apartment as a bonus! Luck you!”

“I don’t like rodents all together! That’s just great.” I groaned.

“Just don’t come screaming like a little girl to me just like you used to you when you were little. You’re a big man now!” she laughed back.

Little did I know that that creaking sound was the source of what I was about to experience; the most horrifying experience in my life.

Later that night, I was sleeping with the lights off when I started hearing this creaking sound again from the ceiling. Curious, I got out of my bed and was looking around my room when the creaking sound went on to my closet… or at least that’s what I thought. I crept across the room and quietly opened my closet to find…nothing. I yawned and crawled back to my bed and instantly fell asleep.

Several days later, my sister was in my apartment again and was washing the dishes for me.
“You can’t even wash your own dishes. How do you survive living here alone?” she sighed.
“Geez. I’ll wash it from now on, okay? Thanks for washing it this time though.” I replied as I sat in my main room, looking through a magazine.
Then I heard it. The same creaking sound I heard a couple of days ago. This time, without a doubt I knew it went on to my closet so I quickly got up and went to open my closet. I looked in and saw nothing. Just as I was about to close the door though, I noticed there was something different on the ceiling of the closet. I squinted more closely and I saw faint footprints across the ceiling inside. Confused, I closed the closet door and turned to find my sister right behind me.

“What are you looking at?”
I turned around and smiled weakly at her and said, “N-nothing to worry about,” and went back to reading my magazine.

Throughout that night, I kept hearing the creaking sounds. I couldn’t fall asleep and I didn’t dare go to the closet this time.
The next morning I went straight to the landlord of the apartment and asked if there was anything weird about the apartment she didn’t tell me. But she quickly dismissed it as a silly suggestion and didn’t help me at all.

That’s when I decided. I decided to move out of there for my own safety. There was no other way to describe the place. It was just eerie.
At the end of that day, I didn’t feel like going back to that spooky apartment so I asked my friend if I could stay over at his house and he agreed.
As I was walking towards his place though, my cellphone rang; it was from my sister.
“Hey, where are you? Are you in your apartment?”
“No,” I answered.
“Well then I’ll just go up to your place and wait for you, okay?”
“I’m actually just at your apartment. I wanted to cook you something nice tonight.”
“No, don’t go in there!” I shouted.
“Why? Why are you saying that?” she laughed.
“Just don’t! There’s something weird about that place!”
“What are you talking about? I’m already in front of your door-”
The phone shut off unexpectedly and even when I quickly called her back, it led straight to the answering machine.
Something was up. I quickly turned around and started running towards my apartment.
When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was that her shoe was not there, but the lights were on, and the stove was running with a boiling pot on top of it.
“Sis! Are you there?”
I quickly went to the main room and saw the desk was set up with plates of food on it.
Just then my phone rang.
“Sis! Where are you?” I cried out.
I heard a faint breathing but I couldn’t understand what she was saying.
“Sis?” I breathed.
My sister’s voice came louder, with desperation in her tone.
“Sorry- I should have listened to you-”
The phone shut off again. With it, the lights went off….
The creaking sounds started again…and went towards the closet…
I slowly walked towards the closet with an outstretched hand.
When I was right in front of it, the creaking stopped.
I took a deep breath with tears streaming down my face, and then slowly pulled open the closet and screamed.
There in front of me was a smiling woman siting on the floor with my sister’s bloody decapitated head in her lap. Then…she slowly pointed at me and smiled wider.