Christmas Break-in

Author: Jamie1986

Hi, my name is Jamie and my story is about something you probably have always feared happening.

This happened about 2003. I had a bunch of assignments to finish during the Christmas holidays so I decided that I better finish them early on so I can enjoy some family time. I was always top of my class in the boy’s school I attended so my parents knew I took my education seriously. My parents and my younger brother and sister were going to a Christmas concert. I decided to skip it because I have seen it every year and it was practically the same each time. I was 17 so it wasn’t a problem for me to be home alone.

I fed the cat and went to finish my assignments in my room. It took me about two hours but I was happy to be done with them. I turned on the Christmas lights as it had gone dark and I decided to go take a shower before watching a movie. As I was showering, I heard something break. I immediately thought the cat broke one of my mum’s antique vases so I ran out to check.


It wasn’t the cat, it was much scarier.

I saw two burglars, a man and a woman facing away from me. I was beyond terrified and ran to the first room I saw and locked the door. The carpet was thick so they didn’t hear me run, thankfully.

I realized I locked myself in the storage room, it wasn’t a large room but, it kept me safe. My father called on the phone to check in on me and I told him everything. We had a phone in every room in case of emergencies. He told me not to worry as he would call the cops, “run outside to the neighbors whenever you get the chance,”

I had a problem, since I came out of the shower I have anything on with me. I was thinking of what to do when I heard someone trying to open the door to the storage room. I kept my hand on my mouth as I felt like screaming. The person gave up trying to open the door and moved somewhere else.

I looked into the boxes and realized that my mom stacked our summer clothes here until the weather got warmer. I got a pair of shorts and a shirt.

I kept listening to what they were doing and as I heard the burglars go to another room, I quickly opened the door and ran out as fast as I could, I never looked back, not ever for a second but I heard one of them follow me.

I ran to our neighbors, where they were already waiting for me. Just then I heard police sirens arrive but the burglars ran out. The cops ran after them and caught them eventually. We were lucky.

It wasn’t long until my parents arrived. I was lucky that day. We got a better security system for our house later on but I still fear for the worst. If I didn’t hear something break that day, this would have been a different story.

Author: Jamie1986