Broken thumb women mystery

Author: Harshit Rajgarhia

This is a real story of a school named St Dominic savious high school in Patna.

This story starts with myself a 11 year old boy who studies in this school has to change his school branch for his higher studies because the older branch has studies only till primary classes . So after changing the branch the new branch building was very good classes include smart class , building was in full condition everything seems perfect there but the only worry or something paranormal I feel there was the men’s washroom when I went to washroom first time I truly felt someone is watching me but I thought that can happen because it is a new place for me I have just changed my branch so it can happen sometimes but another day again I felt something is there I again thought common it is just a misconception of mine.

One day on 22 December 2008, it was a cold day and the last day before winter vacation. The school attendance was very less so on that day when I went to washroom there was no another student was there expect me I was little terrified at that Time I quickly started washing my hands and wanted to get out of the washroom because it was the first day when I was alone in that washroom. When I completed washing my hands and was ready to get out of washroom, behind me I saw something red..when I went closer, I saw a broken thumb..yes just a broken thumb..and there was blood coming from it. I quickly went out of the washroom. I was shocked at that time. But the biggest mistake I made was that I did not anything to anyone about this incidence.

After half and hour again I went to the washroom and I found that everything was clean. There was nothing there but I knew that it wasn’t my imagination.. it was 100% true whatever I saw whether someone believe it or not.

I knew if I tell this to someone no one will believe me so I decided not to tell this incidence to anyone and just move on.

After 2 months on the 19th of February it was a normal school day, at that time I went to the washroom again and this was the second time I was alone. I was thinking of that broken thumb and when I was in the washroom cubicle, in the second cubicle I heard toilet flushing sound..I thought someone was there thank God! after using the toilet when I came out, I turned to that second washroom and saw a person there. I had no idea that I was going to face the most horrible experience of all time.. I saw a lady with broken thumbs contentiously staring at me. She was an old lady and thumbs of both of her hands were broken. I was shocked and clueless, I quickly ran out of the washroom somehow and went straight to my bus and never went to that washroom again. I started using another washroom of the school. In fact after 2 months, I changed my school. I don’t know whether someone will believe this or not but this incident had a lot of toll on my mind.

In the end I can only say that the mystery of the lady with the broken thumbs still remains unsolved….

Author: Harshit Rajgarhia