A School Trip

Author: Gyanesh Tiwari

Our School had organized a trip to Rishikesh the previous month and I had decided to join the trip along with my friends. We left for Rishikesh on Monday morning around 6.00 a.m. and reached our hotel in the evening and after dinner as per the instruction of our teachers took some rest.

The next day after breakfast, we left for our trekking spot which was quite an amazing experience and then headed to a local restaurant for lunch after which we went for river rafting which was another adventurous activity for us.
It was dark and and a strong cold wind was blowing, the pine trees were making mysterious sad sounds!!!!!!! when we left for our hotel and had only reached halfway when suddenly our bus broke down. The driver told that the front left tire was punctured. We were a little worried because we couldn’t arrange for any help and we were stick in the middle of nowhere. The driver left to find some garage so that he could get it fuxed as soon as possible.

Finally, after a couple of hours the bus driver returned with a “#Man” who works in the garage few kilometres away.
He was very helpful and he assisted the driver in changing the tire.While they were fixing it we saw that was a #strange valley nearby which we couldn’t see before. Since it was dark, and we couldn’t see alot but the place was quite surprising with cold but mysterious breeze flowing across our faces!!!!!!. We could see a small tea corner a few steps away at “late night” and waited there until the problem got fixed. It was ‘midnight’ by the time we reached the hotel.

Once we reached the hotel, we went further to settle in our rooms and gathered back for the dinner in the hall. Our Teachers had also insisted that the “stranger” who helped us should stay back for dinner with us. He hesitated but after much persuasion he stayed back. Post dinner, we all went out into the open lounge for a quick cup of coffee and some chit chat. In middle of our conversation we looked around for the “#Man”, but could not locate him. So we enquired with the hotel staff, and we were amazed by what the staff said. They said thatthey did not see any person accompanying us and no one had come with us to hotel or had dinner with us. We were shocked!!!! I started getting goosebumps. Where did the man disappear suddenly???!!!! Why hadn’t other thab us seen him??!!!!!!!!……..????☠️☠️☠️☠️?????????????

On inquiring further, ??? we came to know that it had happened with a lot of people earlier also. They had been accompanied by “stranger” to the høtel,who would later suddenly disappear into tge thin air.??☠️☠️☠️????☠️☠️???

No one knew who he was exactly, but everyone was terrified by this, specially me. I could not sleep for the entire night and for many nights to come.

We came back to Lucknow after three days, but I have not been able to forget the episode till date. This incident still gives me goose bumps whenever I remember it.????????☠️☠️☠️???

Author: Gyanesh Tiwari