A scary College Experience

Author: Moreday Lewis

Hi my name is Dee,

I was a college student back then. Just so you know , I’ve heard lots of rumors about my school being infested with ghosts and
paranormal events I wasn’t really new to these kind of stuff ,But I didn’t pay much attention about it. All I wanted was to enjoy college life , you know, the
feeling of being free, matured , immature and pressured at the same time which I found really fun. I didn’t give a damn
about strange things people have been saying , like fire alarms suddenly ringing, classroom chairs moving by itselves,
unusual unknown students sitting in classes and more . Until , I experienced one myself.

It all happened back in 2016 , there was an upcoming school event, it was the founding anniversary and there was
gonna be a school pageant where my girlfriend was one of the candidates of. A few nights before the pageant, my
friend Jenny and my girlfriend Chelsea were practicing for their talent in the dance hall , together with my boy
friends and the rest in my circle of friends. We were all members of the school’s dance company , including jenny and chealsea so we decided to
not take it as a competition but instead , help both of them. It was around 10 pm , classes were only until 9pm
so ,pretty much , we were the only ones inside the building that time , as what I thought. I felt really thirsty ,
so I decided to go down and grab a drink . I started walking on the long hallway to the stairs at the far end.The dance
hall was on the 3rd floor and on the other end of the hallway ,opposite the stairs, and the elevator was turned off that time for some reasons so I needed to take
the stairs down to the ground floor . As I was walking along the hallway , I suddenly felt this strange feeling,
like I was being followed and watched , but Nah, I thought I was just paranoid , coz it was pretty quiet , nobody else
was there but me , and t’was such a long hallway , with series of doors on both sides , and also the fact that It was already
late could also be the reason why I was feeling odd. I reached the ground floor went out of the campus and bought some snacks and a drink
and headed back to the hall . NOw, while i was making my way back to the dance hall , through that hallway, I just walked like nothing’s wrong ,
coz nothing’s wrong , right ??? right ??? .And I suddenly heard a huge bang on the door from one of the rooms that I just passed into ,
the amphitheatre. I quickly turned my head back and stopped for a moment, I was trembling and sweating , I was pretty sure that sounded like
someone banged the door intentionally and I was pretty sure it came from that room , but I was also pretty sure that no one was there since the
lights in all the rooms were already turned off , including the amphitheater. Who would stay there in the dark ? It couldn’t be some
pranksters or some nuts , right ? or maybe yeah. But I heard what I heard, and I’m sure about it. Okay , I hurriedly went straight back to the dance
hall with my head facing the amphitheater.

When I got there, they were taking a break, chattering , singing, and doing some stuff. I told them about it , mostly my boy friends,and yeah
as expected they all made fun of me and said I was just paranoid .They went out of the room and did something that I thought
was a stupid Idea, they banged all the doors from the rooms that were close to the dance hall, and made fun of it, saying “we’re the ghost busters,
get outta there ya stupid entity”. I freaked out but I didn’t say a word, all I really thought was that, It was so stupid. When my friends knocked it
off and started going back to the room , we all got goosebumps when we heard an even louder bang somewhere from among the rooms . We were unsure where it came
from coz we just heard a huge bang on a thick wood , that echoed through the entire area. Now my friends started freaking out. We went back to the
dance hall and told the girls. The girls were horrified . We packed our things up and left the room hurriedly. When we went out of the room , we gathered
around to make sure eveyone’s with us , especially the ladies. When we were all out and gathered , the situation became worse. The banging on the doors became louder
came closer. The sound came from room and , to another, to another , and to another. Then it sounded like someone’s banging all the doors at the same time .
We froze for a moment, the whole thing lasted for seconds only, but it felt like hours. We started walking through that scary-ass hallway.
The notices and papers from the bulletin boards were moving , as if it was blown by the wind. But it was strange since no wind can enter that part of the building
coz it’s closed and air conditioned. We passed through the restrooms, the male’s was wide open but the female’s wasn’t and lights from both rooms
were off. My friend Gio, he’s nuts , he took a
video and went inside the females’ restroom. I didn’t care about what he did tho.
As we were walking , we saw the security from the far end of the hallway , checking the rooms If there were people in it
, he saw us and asked if we were jumping and banging the doors coz he heard the doors from that side being strucked. We told the security everything and told us
not to stay in the campus that late , or If we would we should keep ourselves quiet.

We made it out the campus but decided to stay for a while and talked about what happened. They asked Gio about the video he took , if he saw something strange in it.
He said there was nothing and maybe we were just paranoid and those sounds actually came from the outside , since there was a building being constructed that time right
next to our school.

The next day , Gio , sent a message to our group chat and said he had something to show us. We went to school and he showed us the video again. What we found
was horrifying. In the video, Gio went into the bathroom. He told us , if we’d look closely and pause it at the right time we will see something, and there it was.
A head of what seemed like a man was peeking from one of the cubicles with its glazing eyes , it was just split seconds tho and a silhouette but still we found
it creepy , I mean who wouldn’t??

The next part of the video was truly terrifying. As Gio made his way out of the restroom we saw his shadow is front of him , since the camera was facing front
then suddenly , a shadow of a big guy overlapped Gio’s , who could that be ? was there anyone there with us ? was that entity also scared of the banging and
decided to walk with us ? or was it the one who actually scared the shit out of us ?

after that incident , a series of paranormal events have been happening . I’m not gonna mention all ,coz it’ll take forever.But one thing is for sure ,

Author: Moreday Lewis