Scary School trip

Author: Basil Biji

Last year me and my friends went on a school trip to Cologne in Germany. We were very excited and hyped for this certain trip. The bus journey was very long and we reached at our hotel which was in Bonn. It looked old and was surrounded by woods with vines growing down the side. There was no signal or WiFi but us 5 didn’t care about that. Our room was upstairs in the 2nd floor in room 13. To be honest we were quite surprised we got that room number, after all, that’s we’re creepy things happen… It was slowly turning into night and we decided to stay up late. Very late. When it was around 12 am we watched horror stuff (including thriller teller) all of had the chills. All of us wanted to do something creepy so we decided to take a mirror picture and then we saw it… An ominous face in the window that was so white staring right into the picture. I quickly showed my friends the picture and they told me to delete it. So I did. We all went to sleep so scared that we were shivering. A teacher had to check up on us because one of the boys started crying- that’s how spooky it was. 

Next morning I woke up and went downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. We heard a really loud slam so me and my friends went to check. Everything was normal except that our door was open and that the blinds were extremely crooked. We were shocked by that and we got told off massively by the teachers. None of us knew what happened.

On our way back to England all of us were quiet and wanted to watch a movie which was downloaded on my phone. I had go access my gallery to find it and I saw that creepy picture that I swear I deleted! I deleted it a couple of times but it just stayed. Even more shocking was is that my phone shut down so I had to get a new one. All of us decided that we’ll never go for a school trip again. 

Author: Basil Biji