Haunted School

Author: Angelickhan

Hi my name is Angelickhan. I’m 17 years old but the story I’m about to tell you is when I was 10. It all started when I enrolled from my previous school to my older sister’s all girls school. She was in 10th grade and I just got admitted in 6th.

It was hard for me to fit in usually because most of the girls were mean which resulted in my sister buying my lunch for me and chasing away bullies. The teachers were no different.

On day during a free period, my whole class pleaded the teacher to let them play in our school ground. Remind you, we had two play grounds with a lot of greenery and they were huge! I being my childish little self decided to stay back in class, alone.

I was just minding my own business when suddenly heard laughter out of my classroom window. I quickly glanced towards it to see a little girl with pretty white dress and with pale skin and dark hair was waving at me giggling in a playful manner . She was pretty but what really scared me was that there was blood dripping form her forehead.

I quickly gathered my stuff and sprinted to where my classmates were. I wasn’t scared but shocked at this sudden experience. I didn’t tell them what happened and just played that I felt like joining in.

This wasn’t my first encounter with her. The second time I saw her was near a tree leading to the main gate. She was standing there, giggles in her pretty white dress. Only this time, instead of waving she was motioning me to come to her. I obviously didn’t. She didn’t seem dangerous and I felt like going to her (pretty stupid I know) cause I did encounter her before for a couple of minutes or so and all she did was wave.

I just walk past the tree, totally ignoring her and from that day I never encounter her again. I switched my evening school to morning school and let me tell you that it’s crowded!

I still wonder what happened to her.

Author: Angelickhan